Your (non-Dawg) game day post

A full schedule for your viewing pleasure is in store for you today.

Particular games of note:

  • Michigan State at Ohio State.  I don’t think this one’s gonna be as close as some anticipate.
  • Wake Forest at Clemson.  One of these teams is in the hunt for a spot in the ACCCG.
  • Georgia Tech at Notre Dame.  A tune up game for the Jackets… eh, just kidding.
  • Arkansas at Alabama.  I’d love for the Hogs to put up a fight, but I’m not seeing it.
  • Florida at Missouri.  If Samford scored 52…
  • Auburn at South Carolina.  If the ‘Cocks pull this one off, that season on the Plains will have definitely fizzled.  And Auburn was so close to beating ‘Bama, right?
  • Oregon at Utah.  The Utes are actually favored in this one.

What’s your take?


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59 responses to “Your (non-Dawg) game day post

  1. practicaldawg

    Florida hasn’t won an SEC road game since mid-Nov 2020 at Vandy. Badie and Mizz run the counter as well as anyone in the nation. Florida is favored by 8.5.

    Which of the above sentences is out of place?

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  2. Salty Dawg

    As always and all ways, thank you Senator!

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  3. r1valry

    I feel so dumb asking this. I swear I am not technologically challenged. How the f*$& do I watch this game today?

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  4. As always, looking for someone…anyone…to step up and grab the Big10 from tOSU. Losses to MSU then Meeecheegan would be wonderful. But not gonna happen.

    Entire season on the line for Oregon tonight…I think it ends.

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  5. Russ

    aOSU is the only team that worries me. They could give us the shootout everyone has been worrying about.

    I wish Florida was playing at 11 am in a 40 degree rain but looks like they lucked out with the weather. Therefore I think they have a shot.

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  6. Hate Week has already started. The student section has already sung “To hell with Georgia Tech” when the team crane out for warm-ups.

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  7. spur21

    I’m going to watch Mizzo beat the Swamp Lizards and pull for the Pitt Boss.

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  8. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Let’s go Fightin’ Mel Tuckers!!!

    In other games, I’d love to see Oregon win-out and make the playoff. If the Pac-12 made the playoff more we wouldn’t be an a collision course with a terrible 12-game playoff model.

    Wouldn’t also mind seeing Okie State winning-out, either. Not just as an eff-you to their departing rival, but just because I’ve always liked Gundy. He’s a man!!! He can take it!!!

    Finally, would love to see Sam Pittman’s team win today’s game, but it’s probably not going to happen. Still, I’ll be rooting for him!

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  9. Munsoning

    Hope Arkansas can give Bama a game. Even if they don’t, hope Pittman breaks Saban’s hand during the postgame handshake.

    Hope Oregon wins. Reduces the likelihood (I think) that a two-loss Bama team makes the playoff. Also hope Oregon wears their hot-pink, splatter-paint unis. You know they’ve got ’em.

    Hope MSU crushes anOSU by 9 and a half million points.

    Hope Wake smashes Clemson to little orange smithereens, and Dabo vows in the postgame press conference never to vote in the Coaches’ Poll again.

    Hope both OK’s QBs throw INTs vs ISU. Hope OK gets jeered off the field. Hope the mic of an official on the crew doing that game catches Riley telling Caleb Williams he’ll have better fans if he follows him to LSU.

    Technically OT but: Hope no Dawg gets hurt and all Dawgs f’n eat.

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  10. I just dropped in for overreactions to Bennett’s pick, and you guys let me down.



  11. Opelikadawg

    I’m at my son’s swim meet in Birmingham and they’re showing Clemson v Wake on the tv’s. Two thoughts: Wake’ defense couldn’t tackle me and I can see why Clemson’s offense is so bad. DJ couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

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  12. Munsoning

    Usually there’s just one wannabe Ed Hochuli per officiating crew but OK-ISU has two. Otherwise it’s a watchable game.


  13. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Well shit, Michigan State. Way to continue to allow the media to pump up the Suckeyes for another week.

    Biggest non-SEC letdown game of the season?


    • Agreed, pathetic effort by msu. That being said, tosu’s offense is unlike anything we’ve seen or will see. Be interesting to see if we’re good enough on D to stay with them, or they’re good enough on D to hold us.


  14. Derek

    I hope Mel has signed that contract….

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  15. Russ

    Was that Jordan Davis kicking off?



  16. originaluglydawg

    Who else noticed how excited the refs were when Bama recovered that fumble? One of them almost threw his arm out of joint signaling it was Bama’s ball. It looked like he was doing one handed side straddle hops.

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  17. Munsoning

    If this Bama team shows up to the SECCG, I like the Dawgs’ chances.

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  18. Munsoning

    TAMU can say what it wants about its fans, but SEC refs are the real 12th man–but only when Bama is playing.

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  19. Munsoning

    Refs trying to screw Arkansas again. No way that was a first down.


  20. Russ

    Damn. aOSU beat the crap out of Michigan State. Wonder how that new contract looks now?


  21. whit1356

    And the undisciplined bitches go down again. FT& FTFH’S

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  22. originaluglydawg

    Man, I’ve got to get over to Gator’s 247 and maybe even Stingtalk while I simmer down for an almost perfect eve!

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  23. spur21

    You guys HAVE to watch the Mizzu post game – “May the force be with you” too fucking funny – even had one of those light saber swords – LMAO

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  24. Munsoning

    Ever since that shoe.

    Things have been terrible.

    Posted by TXGator13 on Nov 20, 2021 | 8:32 PM


  25. debbybalcer

    Oregon is being demolished by Utah.


  26. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Can FU get bowl eligible? I’m thinking “no.” I believe the FU team has had enough of him and is trying to get Dopey Dan fired. Not joking here. REALLY!


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