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Stick a fork in him.

Dan is done.

Can’t wait to see whom they come up with as a replacement.


UPDATE:  Oh, and one more thing…

Here’s hoping Strickland has to settle for his seventh choice.  That worked really well for Tennessee.


UPDATE:  Shockingly, this Mike Bianchi column, written before the firing, contains a fair warning.

For the sake of Gator Nation, I hope Stricklin makes the correct move; I’m just not sure firing Mullen is the right decision.

I certainly understand the logic of making a coaching change. It is the easy and popular decision for an AD to fire a coach who is now 5-6 this season (the first time he has had a losing record at UF) and is 2-9 against his last 11 Power 5 opponents.

However, unless Stricklin has some huge, hush-hush ace-in-the-hole hire up his sleeve — unless he has clandestinely convinced Bob Stoops to come out retirement (and, yes, I’m hearing Stoops might be interested) or unless he believes he can persuade Cincinnati’s Luke Fickell to come to Gainesville — then perhaps Stricklin should keep Mullen.

Other than Stoops or Fickell, who could the Gators hire that would be better than their current head coach? Let’s remember that the available list of candidates aren’t always what you think they will be. The last time the UF job opened up, the three top candidates were Scott Frost, Chip Kelly and Mullen. Frost is currently 3-8 at Nebraska, has never had a winning record (15-28 overall) and just took a pay cut just so he could save his job for one more season. Kelly, meanwhile, is 17-25 at UCLA and has had three losing seasons in four years.

… If you ask me, the head-coaching talent pool is especially shallow now for the number of good jobs available. It’s no secret the Gators would be competing with other top programs should they fire Mullen. The LSU and USC jobs are open, and a case could be made that those are just as good if not better than the Florida job. The Miami job will likely soon be open. Washington, Virginia Tech and TCU are also open.



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Shade, baby!

No, yesterday’s loss to South Carolina doesn’t make up for McGarity rolling over on scheduling with the Tigers, but we’ve had worse consolation prizes.


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It’s never too early to get the juices flowing.

It’s Hate Week, people.

I only have two goals for next Saturday:  (1) Georgia tops the 55-0 whooping ND laid on the Jackets yesterday; and (2) the same spirit that moved Kirby to get Jordan Davis a TD moves him to get Pickens back on the field.


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Week 12 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

I have a feeling this week’s MP is gonna be interesting.  Link to the ballot is here; make sure to get your vote in by tomorrow midnight.


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It may not be amateurism, but there’s romance just the same.

You know, it’s funny.  I was assured that NIL compensation would be the death of college sports, that fans wouldn’t support players who were paid to appear on billboards, that envy would consume locker rooms as players who didn’t sign deals would resent their teammates who did, yada, yada, yada.

Well, let me tell you, it was a real shock to see reality catch up with Jordan Davis yesterday.  I’ve never heard a stadium so quiet when a player was introduced to the crowd.

Okay, it was Senior Day.  That doesn’t count.

How about the time the crowd booed when he came out in the jumbo package?

Probably just the usual excitement when the Dawgs score.  You know, Big Team, Little Me stuff.

Well, you know after the game, everyone just left the stadium, rather than recognize a kid who selfishly decided to make some money off his Georgia connection.

The point to all my sarcasm is that it isn’t whether we ask kids to bleed for their school for love, not money that makes college sports special.  It’s that kids are willing to do so, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  Jordan Davis’ face on a billboard shouldn’t ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the game.  It certainly didn’t affect anyone’s at the game yesterday.  Including Jordan’s.

The pisser is, it shouldn’t have affected Todd Gurley’s, or A.J. Green’s, either.


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Your Alliance can’t save you now.

With Utah’s 38-7 blowout of Oregon — the game wasn’t as close as the score indicates — the Pac-12 will miss the CFP for the fifth straight season.

That sound you hear is Greg Sankey’s phone ringing as George Kliavkoff calls to find out how soon they can get that 12-team playoff vote scheduled.


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TFW you’re winning the locker room

Somebody doesn’t appreciate Dan Mullen’s version of the Gator Standard.


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Envy and jealousy, a synopsis of the 2021 season edition

It’s David Hale time again, y’all, and it just takes three sentences.

A quick rundown of what we knew with some degree of certainty entering Saturday’s festivities:

Georgia is good.

Texas is not good.

Dan Mullen lost a fiddle battle with the devil, and now Florida will roast in the depths of hell for all eternity.

Nothing changed afterwards, either.


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He who Darths last, Darths best.



Mizzou-Florida turning into a rivalry is one of the weirder SEC developments of the past few years.


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