It may not be amateurism, but there’s romance just the same.

You know, it’s funny.  I was assured that NIL compensation would be the death of college sports, that fans wouldn’t support players who were paid to appear on billboards, that envy would consume locker rooms as players who didn’t sign deals would resent their teammates who did, yada, yada, yada.

Well, let me tell you, it was a real shock to see reality catch up with Jordan Davis yesterday.  I’ve never heard a stadium so quiet when a player was introduced to the crowd.

Okay, it was Senior Day.  That doesn’t count.

How about the time the crowd booed when he came out in the jumbo package?

Probably just the usual excitement when the Dawgs score.  You know, Big Team, Little Me stuff.

Well, you know after the game, everyone just left the stadium, rather than recognize a kid who selfishly decided to make some money off his Georgia connection.

The point to all my sarcasm is that it isn’t whether we ask kids to bleed for their school for love, not money that makes college sports special.  It’s that kids are willing to do so, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  Jordan Davis’ face on a billboard shouldn’t ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the game.  It certainly didn’t affect anyone’s at the game yesterday.  Including Jordan’s.

The pisser is, it shouldn’t have affected Todd Gurley’s, or A.J. Green’s, either.


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26 responses to “It may not be amateurism, but there’s romance just the same.

  1. back9k9

    Don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed watching a kid as much as big #99 Jordan Davis. What a gift he is!

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  2. Derek

    And they said it would fail:

    The fools!


    • RangerRuss

      Watching that video reminds me to be thankful I didn’t end up as grease on the tracks of a T-72 in the Fulda Gap. Some of y’all know that it got right sporty in late ’83 and again in ’86. We dodged the big one.

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      • owensborodawg

        Thanks for standing guard on the wall. I was in high school in ’83, then lost somewhere in Park Hall in ’86. People forget, or never even know, what others did for them.

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    • classiccitycanine

      At this point you just don’t want to be convinced NIL compensation is a good thing.


  3. I love JD 99. He represents everything we love about college sports and especially Georgia football.

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  4. debbybalcer

    Yes especially the part about Gurley and AJ!

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  5. rugbydawg79

    Damn watching that made me cry. DGD for the ages.

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  6. Russ

    Are you sure that was Davis? The announcers said it was Jared Zirkle.

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  7. Faltering Memory

    The Redcoat Band should retire that director’s ladder.

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  8. The offensive line sure is bitter about JD’s NIL deals and fame…did you see how they attacked him after his TD?! It was like they wanted to pound and squeeze the life out of him.

    This must be why Kirby has benched Daniels. Too much locker room drama over his deals too.

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  9. californiadawg

    Couldn’t love Jordan Davis or this team more.

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  10. RangerRuss

    #31 for CS was trying to take out JD’s lower legs on that play. I hope he was served a few extra hard blocks for that cheap shit. He looked as if he was auditioning as a portal candidate direct to tech.


  11. Davis scored the first time. I said what I said. Should have been reviewed.

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  12. owensborodawg

    I LOVE that, after Davis scored and celebrated, Zeus waited to lift him up in the end zone as he had been lifted up by linemen so many times after scoring. Problem was, it took Jones to help lift him!

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  13. Dawglicious

    What a treat to have been in Sanford Saturday!

    When they ran the jumbo package in, the roar was deafening.

    When they shifted in the jumbo the first time, and we saw what was coming, it was ear-splitting.

    When 99 didn’t get it (he did, tho), the crowd ramped up into a fevered pitch that I’ve never personally witnessed in Sanford Stadium. I feared for our coaches’ well-beings if we didn’t give it to Jordan again.

    When we did, indeed, give it to him, the ground shook and my sunglasses lenses cracked. What a moment.


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