It’s never too early to get the juices flowing.

It’s Hate Week, people.

I only have two goals for next Saturday:  (1) Georgia tops the 55-0 whooping ND laid on the Jackets yesterday; and (2) the same spirit that moved Kirby to get Jordan Davis a TD moves him to get Pickens back on the field.


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  1. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    I know I’m supposed to pretend I hate that he did that but I’m not. I loved it.

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  2. At 4th quarter Krypton on Saturday, I started singing “To hell with Georgia Tech.”

    I want us to put an epic @$$ whipping on Fech in Sanford Atlanta/Richt-Smart Field at Vince Dooley Stadium. I hope we edit one of the expressway signs coming into Atlanta for the trailer this week to say Sanford Atlanta like we did for Vanderbilt.

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    GT will be looking to bait our guys. Just like this clip..they want our guys suspended..I hope we play the scout team the entire game.

    Game is absolutely a no win situation.

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  4. Muttley

    A brutal curbstomp apocalyptic bloodbath human-teeth-embedded-on-our-shillelagh beatdown of the bugs is always in style, but a shutout on their own field is a moral necessity. It must be done.

    We need to administer last year’s beating in the first half, and then get especially ugly in the second half. Then in the final minutes the subs come in and club the survivors and mutilate the remains so that they’re still marked and humiliated in the next world. This must be done in their own house, in front of their mothers, on their Senior Day.

    And we as fans must not neglect to boo their mothers before the game. We cannot hear the lamentations of their women, for obvious reasons, so their mothers must suffice.

    That;s how I see it. Because some things cannot be stood for. And of these, things, the scummiest, greasiest, vilest is tech.

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  5. RangerRuss

    Speaking of completely lost due to incompetence. Nerds.
    Get out of there with no injuries or suspensions and leave with a big ol donut on those people’s side of the scoreboard.
    To hell with tech.

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    • Muttley

      Our last shutout of them was the year I was born. I’ve seen us drop a goose egg on MFU, Auburn, SC, Clemson (twice), UT- even Alabama. If I don’t get to see us put one on the bugs I will die bitter.

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  6. Rameses II

    Meh. Time to stop acting like that game means anything. It’s just Tech. Get a convincing win and don’t get anybody hurt.

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  7. spur21

    I bought my son a throw pillow with the art work of that epic “Wall Plant” for Christmas – his wife didn’t think it was funny or appropriate – I told her to chill. He displays it with pride every time we play the nerds.

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    An all time classic ass whoopin will be great, but I still want us to keep our starters rested and injury free.

    Arky did a fine job yesterday of keeping bama’s starters in for the entire game and making them work for a win. I expect aubie to do the same, despite the enjoyable scu loss.

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  9. No mercy. Time to rub tech’s nose in it like never before.

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  10. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    that fight happened right in front of us…and it was glorious

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  11. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    we should play the game in reverse…
    all scout team for Q1
    ragnar and 3rd stringers starts Q2
    Beck and co start Q3 up until 5 minutes left in Q4
    JT takes victory formation

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  12. 69Dawg

    Just don’t play past the second team. The walk-on’s are not ready “to kill to kill without mercy”. They will be their under-handed best and try to provoke us but we have, for the most part, too many cooler heads to allow it. For them to score on us would be another moral victory for the bugs.

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    • RangerRuss

      69Dawg, the rabid Dawg in me agrees. But I recall from Roger’s Rangers Standing Order #5- “Don’t never take a chance you don’t have to.”
      Then I noticed that double negative in that order.
      So fuck it. Tear ’em a new asshole. Get After That Ass!
      To hell with tech.

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  13. uga97

    …last reg season game vs a team that doesn’t exist week!


  14. Castleberry

    I got in really early yesterday and watched Pickens in warmups. It was thrilling to see him back out there, but his running didn’t look silky smooth, yet. Thinking it’s a little ways off.

    I heard Mitch Davis is available…

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    • originaluglydawg

      Ahhh…possibly Pickens is sand bagging to make Saban think he isn’t healed enough to play…Maybe. I hope so.


  15. Texas Dawg

    Coach 404 and his Waffle House Warriors are going to get SCATTERED all over the field as they are ripped limb from limb. SMOTHERED by that D all day long. COVERED as in no problem with the point spread. Don’t we get 3 points right off the bat for it being a home game there at Mark Richt Field before they even start with the other factors? Will Vegas even give a point spread on a FBS team playing a FSC team (masquerading as a FBS team). Will there be a second senior day for UGA at their alternate home field?

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  16. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    There’s only one response:

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  17. Muttley

    Here’s a weird fact for y’all that don’t think this game is a rivalry: last ten in Atlanta, Georgia is 10-0. Last ten in Athens Georgia is 6-4.

    Kill them. Boo their mothers. Pursue them into the afterlife and kill them again.

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  18. Whether or not Pickens takes the field, I want someone to plant Tre Swilling so deep in the dirt they need the Ramblin’ Wreck to haul him out.

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  19. originaluglydawg

    As much as I love all of this, the prudent thing is to build an insurmountable lead as early as possible and then play the backups. Don’t risk injury. Get everyone rested and healthy.
    See GT as a gift that allows Kirby to work on preparing for Alabama this whole week and next.
    The Nerds aren’t worthy of too much of our emotional or physical energy.
    These Dawgs have bigger fish to fry.

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  20. redhotchilidawg

    I’d really like for Kirby to troll them with 2 more Jordan Davis TD runs.

    I like that ND gave us a number to aim for. No reason we shouldn’t build some confidence for our O headed into the SECC. We have plenty of toys offensively to run up 63. Let JT play a few series pedal to the metal.


    • Texas Dawg

      But this time I want him following Jalen Carter with a full head of steam (not some guy cutting his legs out from under him so he just falls over the goal line). I want him to hit the tackler (if Jalen has not already destroyed him) at full QB chasing speed and turn him into a speed bump.


  21. benco04

    Get out of Mark Richt field with a convincing and unspectacular win, 37-6 or some such. Everyone healthy. Everyone un-suspended. And ready for the bloodletting on Dec 4th that’s been brewing for years…

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  22. Destroying GT is one of the key pieces to how we utterly dominate in state recruiting.

    We Run This State.

    That slogan means nothing without an enemy to vanquish.