Requiem for a Portal Master™

David Wunderlich gets to the heart of what ultimately was the cause of Dan Mullen’s undoing in Gator Land:

That’s the kind of game management you do when you’re the head coach at Mississippi State looking to steal a win that maybe you’re not supposed to get. It’s not what you do when you’re the head coach at Florida and playing a Kentucky or Missouri team that is supposed to be at a distinct athletic disadvantage.

… Mullen made a lot of decisions in his UF tenure that were defensible in the moment but not in the bigger picture. Add them all up, and they don’t amount to a championship-caliber program.

… You might think you have the choice to play conservative when you don’t have to, trying to eke out a win by the slimmest of margins because any win’s a win. You might think you have a choice to keep people you really like on your staff even when they don’t produce on the recruiting trail or when their on-field units underperform. You might think you have a choice to heavily favor experience and seniority, even when younger players are more promising, if also more volatile.

Starkville ain’t Gainesville.  Mullen never got that.  Eventually, it caught up with him.


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25 responses to “Requiem for a Portal Master™

  1. akascuba

    All of the above is certainly true. He never coached like a man who knew how to win championships.

    Keeping Grantham was the beginning of the end. It’s funny the only time he didn’t do everything his way was the worst possible time. He caved in to fan pressure starting AR15/ their generational QB hero against the best defense in recent history. The results of AR15 costing them the game were very pred

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  2. akascuba



  3. When you prefer to be on your boat and at the Creek Club over being on the recruiting trail, this is what happens. They still have no excuse for the losses to USCjr and Mizzou and the terrible showing against Samford.

    Dopey/Goofy/MuLLLLet, we Georgia Bulldogs will miss you on the sideline of the Hogtown Handbags.

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  4. RangerRuss

    Grifters gonna grift.

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  5. Gaskilldawg

    A whole bunch of assertions in that article that contradict what Wunderlich and others on Gator Country claimed as recently as this summer.
    The article said Mullen never developed talent. A Googld search will find his articles saying otherwise. This article says Jones is just an average QB. A few months ago the same folks were calling him potentially the best QB in the conference and a possible Heisman Throphy candidate. Brenton Cox an underachieving 5 star? The same guy they touted as the best edge rusher in the conference or nation or whatever?
    Guess Wunderlich and Gator Country aren’t very accurate or consistent. They are like the old Soviet union propaganda machine; a premier is a superman until he is replaced and no one acts as if they ever heard of him.

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  6. whit1356

    Dopey Dan sealed his fate with Kirby early. Manipulating Spring Game attendance numbers to reflect how long it had been since our last Nat’l Championship. The blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then comment after our ’17 SEC title. And the comments after losses about the gap between the two Programs being the # of points that they lost by. You keep poking the bear and that Sumbitch will eventually tear your arms off. I will miss having that arrogant bastard to fuck with. Fuck Him & Feed Him Fish Heads!!! And Fuck Floriduh!!!

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    • KornDawg

      That’s one of the (many) things I love about CKS. He doesn’t resort to that kind of shit. He lets the play on the field, the helmets, do the talking. Sure, the locker room speech happened, but that wasn’t for public consumption. But you can bet your sweet ass that you’ll never see Kirby at a press conference dressed as Darth Vader.

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    • kjackson1961

      You think poking us is going to stop with the new hire? It started with SOS and will continue. They have a track record of hiring ass holes for coaches.

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  7. barneydawg

    His total lack of social skills make him a good fit as a candidate for Ga Tech next year when Gee Off is whacked.

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    • He wouldn’t be a bad choice for them. He can have them at a Mississippi State level and would be able to spend the time he wants in Greensboro. No pressure to sign top 5 or even top 10 classes. Get them to be a consistent bowl-eligible program and he could stay as long as he wants.

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    • Russ

      Actually he’d be the perfect choice for the nerds. He could win 7-8 games a year and they would love him. And we’d have a great shot at 9 in a row.

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  8. armydawg

    As much as I wish we could kick his ass every year in Jax, for the good of the conference he had to go. An absolute clown & idiot like him was a total embarrassment for the premier conference in the country. Leach & Laner might fool around a little bit but they back it up with results.


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m of course wrong all the time and have made wrong predictions in the past, but this was a hire from 4 years ago or so that I stated from the outset was a horrible hire for the Gators. At MSU, Dan was known as being arrogant, difficult to get along with, and someone who didn’t like recruiting all that much. In other words, he was better suited as an OC in the NFL.

    And while I always gave him credit for being a good X’s and O’s coach, there’s far more to being a head coach and SEC than simply drawing up plays. So while the Mike Bianchi’s of the world were singing Dan’s praises for keeping the game within 20 points and 2018 , and again and again afterwards , I continued to laugh at what sheer idiots some of these writers were.

    So here we are again, and hopefully Florida will make another bad hire.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    But but but… MuLLLLen is a certified genius and Kirby is DUMB!!!

    The media kept telling me so!

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  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Nope. Mullen’s downfall, actually the downfall of the entire fu athletic department, can be traced directly to the arrival of one Brenton Cox.

    Kirby sent Cox as part of a long term plan to destroy fu and it worked to perfection.

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  12. rigger92

    Some commenter here said it best some time ago, before I ever heard it.

    “He coaches at UF like he’s still in Starkville”

    That’s really all there is to say.

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  13. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    FU thought they were getting another Urban Meyer when they hired Dopey Dan. Instead they got another Shark Humper. Let’s hope they continue making the same mistake, over and over and over and…….

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  14. Russ

    Yet he’s still banging that “Mullen develops players” drum even while saying Emory is just an average QB. How many years did he have under the Portal Master’s tutelage? Same with Franks. Hell, Franks got better in one year at Arkansas then during his entire time at Florida.

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  15. I guarantee you, and I say this with zero irony whatsoever, that I would be a better Head Coach at the University of Florida than Dan Mullen was.

    But I wouldn’t take the job, so there’s that.


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  16. NotMyCrossToBear

    Gator fans were whistling through the graveyard the whole time. Mullens was a goofy, overrated coach. Add in that he is a world class asshole and the result was inevitable. Fuck Mullens. And fuck their fans. Also, fuck Gainesville, it’s a shitty college town.

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