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Damn, Mark Richt’s lost control again.

Not great, Bob.





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The net ypp, she burns.

If some of y’all don’t remember why I track net yards per play on a weekly basis, let me remind you.

As a general rule of thumb based on the last four seasons, you’d better create a net YPP of 2+ if you want a realistic shot at the CFP (the four-team version, that is).  And if you want to win, you’d better wind up north of 2.5.  It doesn’t matter how you get there — track Alabama’s numbers over those four years, for example — just that you do get there.

Now, I only track that metric for the SEC.  Fortunately, I know somebody who looks at D-1.  Here’s how that shapes up this week:

Funny how the top four on that list also happen to be the top four teams on the selection committee’s list.


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2021 Mumme Poll, Week 12

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

With the Oregon and Cincinnati results, things appear to have snapped into shape with this week’s 289 Mumme Poll voters.  The average number of teams selected on a ballot was 6.7, the smallest number so far this season.  Only 45 teams received at least one vote, also the smallest amount of the year.  (Once again, that number doesn’t include Florida.)

Here’s our top 25:

And here’s what the selection committee, in its infinite wisdom, popped out last night:

The order may be a little different, but other than UTSA and Ole Miss, the top ten for both contain the same schools.  And we managed to accomplish that without death threats ($$) or awkward explanations from the committee chair.

We also managed it without having to spend an inordinate amount of time doing so.

97% in under five minutes.  There are commercial breaks on ESPN’s selection show that last that long.  There’s no reason approval voting couldn’t work in a credible way, at least that I can see.

The conference breakdown shows the gap between the SEC and Big Ten has widened again.

But that doesn’t appear to be due to a regional bias, as Georgia representation lessened a little this week, to 61.9%.

As for the bonus question, dressing/stuffing dominated, taking almost 70% of the vote.  (Sweet potato casserole narrowly beat out mac and cheese for second place, in case you’re wondering.)

Takeways from Week 12:

  • What really snapped into place was a playoff field, with four teams appearing on more than 90% of the ballots cast.  Those four teams also happen to be the same top four on the selection committee’s list.
  • Michigan and Oklahoma State are lurking, though, in the next two spots, although neither received votes on 75% of the ballots.
  • Georgia again scored a 100% mark.


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Workin’ his way back to you

Be still, my heart:  George Pickens is getting closer.

It appears as if George Pickens is inching his way closer to stepping onto the playing field for Georgia in 2021. He’s taking steps but based on Kirby Smart’s comments of late, they’re baby steps.

Pickens has been practicing with the team for several weeks now. He started working with the scout team prior to UGA’s game at Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. Now he’s taking on a little bit more according to his head coach.

“George has been practicing with us, doing more,” Smart said. “We’ve repped him with the threes and the twos some. Still waiting to get him cleared but we didn’t have him with the scouts. We had him working with the offense trying to kind of integrate him back into getting the calls and knowing the assignments but he was still black jersey. No contact today.”

I’d love to see him back on the field this week, not just as a slight troll of Georgia Tech, but because it would be an opportunity for him to shake off some rust before the SECCG.  Bottom line, though, I’m just glad he’s still engaged with the team.  Sure, a national championship run helps with that, but it would have been easy for him to have checked out in order to prep for the NFL draft.  That he’s stayed with it says a lot about George.


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You cannot defeat Jimmy Sexton.

You cannot even hope to contain him.

James Franklin will be staying at Penn State, after all, and possibly for a long time to come.

… Beginning Jan. 1, Franklin will be scheduled to make $8.5 million annually, including a $500,000 retention bonus each Dec. 31, according to a term sheet released by the school. That amount includes $1 million in the form of loans to be used to pay the premiums on a life insurance policy. Pennsylvania open-records law does not require Penn State to make employment contracts public, but the school likely will be entitled to reimbursement of the loans from the insurance policy’s death benefit.

The deal’s guaranteed value is $80 million – all the money involved except the annual retention payments. That will give Franklin the second-largest guaranteed amount of any public-school sports coach, behind the $95 million that Texas A&M will be guaranteeing football coach Jimbo Fisher as of Jan. 1, according to information obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

What a coincidence, eh?

Franklin is 67-32 at Penn State — certainly not awful.  He’s even got a win over Ohio State along the way to go with a conference title.  He recruits well, too.  For that, though, to be worthy of a 10-year contract to go with a top-five salary tells you that the market for head coaches is changing again, largely (I suspect) driven by the anticipated money coming in from new TV deals for the Big Ten and the CFP.  And Jimmy Sexton’s shrewd enough to read which way the wind is blowing.

Jimbo.  Mel Tucker.  And now Franklin.  It’s the new normal, peeps.

Can’t wait to see what Kirby’s new deal looks like.  You know it’s coming.  After all, who’s his agent?


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Rage against the (mean) machine (in red and black)

Now, this is more like it, Stingtalk.

“… my diminishing love for Waffle House” is actually a great touch.  Makes me almost feel sympathy for the guy, who you know is going to be doing a deep dive into the liquor cabinet before the first quarter is over.


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Setting up the next play

This is a great catch by Brent Rollins.

Gotta love it.


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Not as hard as it looks

Hey, Florida, it’s easy!  Just go to the coach store and pick out one that looks good on ‘ya.

Shit, Andrea, who would that be?  Saban and Smart have basically recruited to a draw over the past few years; nobody else has been in their class.  And I don’t think Nick’s moving to Gainesville any time soon.


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