Setting up the next play

This is a great catch by Brent Rollins.

Gotta love it.


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16 responses to “Setting up the next play

  1. sundiatagaines

    I think Zeus went down on purpose.

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  2. It’s proof that Georgia seeks the blue chips, but isn’t a place that just hopes the five stars will take over without all the other planning and prep and development that goes into the whole team. Put in the work and reap the benefits, five star or no star. If anything else, Davis and McConkey should break the narrative that Kirby can’t develop players, if anyone is holding that in their mouth anymore. We’ve seen plenty of examples under Smart where three or no star players grew and eventually played in a “five star factory” in Athens. I’ll take Davis over a Brenton Cox any day, and fully believe that Kirby’s eye for talent is next level.

    Dan Jackson
    J.R. Reed
    Brian Herrien
    Tae Crowder
    Stetson Bennett

    Just to name a few walk ons or low star recruits during the Kirby era.

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  3. akascuba

    It’s really interesting to listen to Kirby explain the process in Athens. Working really hard to earn your PT on Saturday is not for everyone and that’s OK.
    Those that stay form a bond with each other you can see it on this play. They love to see their teammates success.

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  4. originaluglydawg

    Watch that again. Stetson could have pulled the ball and walked into the endzone on the right side. Everything a good coordinator does is setting something else up…sometimes for the next play, sometimes for the next series, sometimes for the next game, sometimes for a very special game weeks away.

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  5. Everything a good coordinator does is setting something else up…

    This guy gets it. Great observation in general, and not just for a “feel good” play like this.

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