The net ypp, she burns.

If some of y’all don’t remember why I track net yards per play on a weekly basis, let me remind you.

As a general rule of thumb based on the last four seasons, you’d better create a net YPP of 2+ if you want a realistic shot at the CFP (the four-team version, that is).  And if you want to win, you’d better wind up north of 2.5.  It doesn’t matter how you get there — track Alabama’s numbers over those four years, for example — just that you do get there.

Now, I only track that metric for the SEC.  Fortunately, I know somebody who looks at D-1.  Here’s how that shapes up this week:

Funny how the top four on that list also happen to be the top four teams on the selection committee’s list.


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35 responses to “The net ypp, she burns.

  1. MGW

    *Florida fan gets a little excited just to be on the list.

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  2. jgshellnutt

    Graham Coffey has posted net points per drive for UGA and also for Alabama for COMMON opponents. UGA averages 1.94 more net points per drive than Alabama versus common opponents. He then says that the team with better net points per drive wins 96% of games in college football.
    Rat poison.

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  3. It’s also funny seeing both Florida and Nebraska on that list. They have combined for 14 losses…lol!

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  4. The fact that my Huskers are in the top 15, yet will finish 3-9, is INSANE and makes my brain hurt.

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  5. originaluglydawg

    Dawgs will improve that number significantly by Saturday night.

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  6. bcdawg97

    Once we beat Bama, they are out. Us and OSU are in (but man I’d love to see UM pull the upset). It will come down to Cinci, the Catholics or the Pokes.

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    • siskey

      I don’t care who we play if we are as good as we have been all year. I would like to see us play Michigan just due to the helmet/ uniform combo and the fact we have not played them since the 60s. I think we will end up playing Bama, Oklahoma/ Oklahoma State, and then Ohio State for the Championship.

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    • Sure hope we beat Okie St in the playoff. The headline would write itself.


  7. The rematch series…Harbaugh pulls the upset and they get slotted at #4 for historic rematch with Dawgs. #3 Notre Dame gets rematch with #2 Cincy and wins. We repeat 1980 for the Championship…in their backyard no less.

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  8. akascuba

    Didn’t see Georgia ahead of tOSU coming or being first on the national list. Thanks for this post. I’ll continue to enjoy my ride on Kirby success train,

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  9. vidaliadawg

    No ND to be found.


  10. Texas Dawg

    The most mystifying team on that list is Nebraska. All their metrics say they should be good. They are #14 on this list, +70 point differential overall, only a -48 in a total of 8 losses. No loss greater than 9 points. It seems that each and every week they find a way to lose another close game. That has to be the most frustrated fan base in America given their history. GT would kill to be this competitive even with a 3-8 record.

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    • Frustrating game. Part of why I hate all the “can’t win the big one” bullshit. If a coach can continually get his team to the point where they’re winning conference titles and getting a SHOT, then he’s great. Fortune may allow him to or prevent him from cresting the hill, but that greatness shouldn’t be denied.

      It’s why I’ve maintained against my AU friends that our program is vastly superior to theirs, despite the 41year drought. Though we have similar numbers of titles, they have a more recent Natty and another undefeated season to boot, it’s the overall consistency of UGA football that wins out (and our recent rivalry dominance doesn’t hurt).

      They say “You’re perfectly happy not winning titles. That’s why y’all suck.” And I say “I’d love to win a Natty, but I’m much happier with a program who is always in the hunt, knocking at the door…than one that slides ass backwards into relevance once a decade.”

      They generally shut up at that point.


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      • Texas Dawg

        With all this coaching carousel, Frost is one who has survived (but has had his leash shortened). If there is one coach that is knocking on the door of turning a program around, he would be it. Can he kick the door in? I’m pretty sure that given the difficulty getting players to Lincoln is, and Frost knowledge and love of the program, it makes sense to give him a little more time than most. With the 3-8 record, he would be history if they were getting blown out. When you lose by only an average of 6 a game with no double digit losses, you can’t get much closer and still manage to lose it.


        • Smart administrators look past a single season’s results and look at the trendlines. He has them moving in the right direction… they are simply missing a few little things here and there.

          See also: Mark Richt.

          He never won a title, but the way he guided this program has a great deal to do with where Kirby has it right now. Much like Moses… he led us through the wilderness, but was never allowed into the Promised Land.

          The Book of Kirby is a good read.

          Frost may be able to shore up the issues and dial in 9 wins next year… and if he does, likely gets a big extension. It’s his “win or go home” year next season. Good Luck to him. They could do much worse than having him there.

          See also: Dan Mullen.

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  11. classiccitycanine

    Ohio State scares me. They’re the only team out there that I think can beat us. I respect Alabama, and they could beat us, but I feel as good as one can playing the Tide in the SECCG.


  12. Ken Dixon

    Georgia’s NYPP is the highest in the playoff era. Ohio State’s is third highest behind 2018 Bama.


  13. Whiskey Dawg

    I don’t care for Ohio State.

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  14. Munsoning

    Throw to Darnell and that number goes up. Might even convince him to stay in Athens.


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