Workin’ his way back to you

Be still, my heart:  George Pickens is getting closer.

It appears as if George Pickens is inching his way closer to stepping onto the playing field for Georgia in 2021. He’s taking steps but based on Kirby Smart’s comments of late, they’re baby steps.

Pickens has been practicing with the team for several weeks now. He started working with the scout team prior to UGA’s game at Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. Now he’s taking on a little bit more according to his head coach.

“George has been practicing with us, doing more,” Smart said. “We’ve repped him with the threes and the twos some. Still waiting to get him cleared but we didn’t have him with the scouts. We had him working with the offense trying to kind of integrate him back into getting the calls and knowing the assignments but he was still black jersey. No contact today.”

I’d love to see him back on the field this week, not just as a slight troll of Georgia Tech, but because it would be an opportunity for him to shake off some rust before the SECCG.  Bottom line, though, I’m just glad he’s still engaged with the team.  Sure, a national championship run helps with that, but it would have been easy for him to have checked out in order to prep for the NFL draft.  That he’s stayed with it says a lot about George.


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13 responses to “Workin’ his way back to you


    Big no vs GT, they would go after him big time…plus, they just aren’t worthy.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      Maybe he could enter for one play in the first half against Tech, only to slam another Tech DB into a wall and get suspended for the second half so that he stays healthy. I kid, I kid.

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  2. Not sure I want to see George this week, but I would love to see him get some snaps next week in preparation for a playoff run if we’re there.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    And remember, his hands weren’t injured, and Pickens has incredibly soft hands.

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  4. bcdawg97

    As slow as Dom Blaylock has been integrated back in, plus how we worked Kearis and DW0 back in, I don’t see George until the playoff game at best. But agree that it has shown maturity on his part to stay engaged. Another great coaching job by Kirby to sell him on doing it the right way to protect his draft stock.

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  5. godawgs1701

    George Pickens is a DGD. He already had that status in my book before the injury, and the way he’s stayed engaged with the team and the University during his recovery has only cemented it. I’d love to see him get into games for us, but I also don’t expect him to be back to his old self before the 2023 season or possibly beyond. I remember how long it took Nick Chubb to be back to full power. And if he isn’t full speed, we’ve got a game this weekend against some very mortal football players but after that it’s going to be nothing but tough customers the rest of the way.

    I hope we get to see him. Man, the roar from the red and black crowd if we see him run out will be worth it…


  6. I’m not 100% sure George heads to the NFL after this season. He could, but that injury could really change the course of how that all plays out for him. I suppose it all depends on whether he believes another year at UGA could substantially increase his draft stock, and whether that would be worth the risk.

    Coming off the injury, I’m not sure any team is going to give up a 1st, or maybe even a 2nd round pick for him, even though he’s a guy many had tabbed as a top-10 before. Those lingering doubts could drop him to the back half of day 2 (or worse) in the draft, and that could cost him a LOT of money.

    But, staying would then add the risk of no pro career at all if there’s a re-injury (which could also weigh on his confidence and create subpar results for him). I’d love to see George on the field again, but even in the drill footage I’ve seen, he didn’t look like himself.. I’d blame confidence in the knee for that.

    Another month of full practice might get him there… but I don’t know that he needs to rush anything. My initial expectation when he comes back is to be running decoy … but who knows?

    Go Dawgs

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  7. Tony BarnFart

    If anyone hasn’t learned KirbyCode yet, “baby steps” in reference to return and reintegration is code for you will see him at G-Day.


  8. uga97

    Rather “save him until we absolutely must need him during XYZ post season game” camp.


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