You cannot defeat Jimmy Sexton.

You cannot even hope to contain him.

James Franklin will be staying at Penn State, after all, and possibly for a long time to come.

… Beginning Jan. 1, Franklin will be scheduled to make $8.5 million annually, including a $500,000 retention bonus each Dec. 31, according to a term sheet released by the school. That amount includes $1 million in the form of loans to be used to pay the premiums on a life insurance policy. Pennsylvania open-records law does not require Penn State to make employment contracts public, but the school likely will be entitled to reimbursement of the loans from the insurance policy’s death benefit.

The deal’s guaranteed value is $80 million – all the money involved except the annual retention payments. That will give Franklin the second-largest guaranteed amount of any public-school sports coach, behind the $95 million that Texas A&M will be guaranteeing football coach Jimbo Fisher as of Jan. 1, according to information obtained by USA TODAY Sports.

What a coincidence, eh?

Franklin is 67-32 at Penn State — certainly not awful.  He’s even got a win over Ohio State along the way to go with a conference title.  He recruits well, too.  For that, though, to be worthy of a 10-year contract to go with a top-five salary tells you that the market for head coaches is changing again, largely (I suspect) driven by the anticipated money coming in from new TV deals for the Big Ten and the CFP.  And Jimmy Sexton’s shrewd enough to read which way the wind is blowing.

Jimbo.  Mel Tucker.  And now Franklin.  It’s the new normal, peeps.

Can’t wait to see what Kirby’s new deal looks like.  You know it’s coming.  After all, who’s his agent?


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34 responses to “You cannot defeat Jimmy Sexton.

  1. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Next up Lane Kiffin becomes the richest man in Mississippi.

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  2. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m sorry, but James Franklin has to be the most overrated coach in the country, and I just don’t get the continued fascination with him. I live closer up to Penn State country and know a lot of Penn State people, and I swear it’s Stockholm Syndrome with them when it comes to Franklin. Every time Franklin’s agent rumors him for yet another opening, their fan base clutches their pearls hoping they can keep their Messiah.

    Fact is, Franklin has averaged four losses a year over the last 4 years and is something like 2-10 in last 10 games against ranked opponents. That’s pathetic for a program like Penn State and all their inherent advantages and resources – particularly compared against the rest of the big 10 save Michigan and OSU.

    Yet, like clockwork, Franklin’s agent loves pimping him for any decent opening as soon as it becomes available, which I swear is partially done to keep Penn State fans in check. The Illinois loss is a perfect example, as everyone was furious after that pathetic loss to a horrible team. Sure enough, a few days later, the rumors spiked up again for Franklin, and their fans immediately calm down convinced themselves they were lucky to have him. Totally bizarre.

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    • Derek

      I’m not a fan but he did win 9 two years in a row at Vandy and has three 11 win seasons at PSU. Are they really doing better right now if they had to go fishing for a coach? The odds aren’t in their favor.

      In short, PSU could do worse and I doubt their ability to do better given the openings that are out there.

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  3. James Franklin is an overrated blowhard as a head coach. 3&G lays out the case above.

    There should a picture of Franklin next to the meaning of “all hat, no cattle.”

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  4. Salty Dawg

    When it comes to Kirby, pay the man his money and anything else he wants!

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    • Is it dumb to think Kirby would be happy to take less money in a salary increase to keep his staff together and to continue to get the other support the program needs to keep up?

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      • miltondawg

        I think that if Kirby wins the natty he asks for north of $11MM personally per year (at least) AND an increase for coaches and support staff. Georgia is awash with money and it is only going up when OU and UT join and the TV deal(s) get done and the bottomless pit of money from streaming services gets involved.

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        • Tony BarnFart

          And think of the “bump” anyone gets for winning a Natty just in general interest and all the money that accrues from that. Now do a 40yr sleeping giant (even if we haven’t exactly been “sleeping”) that already is in the top 5 (top 3?) of revenue. If we play our cards right we will just absolutely outspend everybody and just dominate. The size of our fanbase is massive and every other tangible metric points to us breaking bitches for a while. These next six weeks are the moments we’ve been waiting for and the beginning of something much longer.

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      • That should no longer be an “either or” situation for us. Money we got. He needs to get the championships.

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  5. akascuba

    Kiffen might have a pirate problem tomorrow night.

    Jimmy Sexton is the right man in the right place at the right time. His legend continues to grow along with each new contract increase cycle.
    100 million USD contracts for coaches without a NC championship that’s salesmanship.

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  6. Castleberry

    I’m curious what Jimmy’s cut is on these deals and the total $ value across all his deals. I’m sure he’s worth every penny and I’m curious whether he’s hauling in more than some of the guys he represents.

    Is he the GOAT Agent?


  7. How in the good-gosh-golly hell did James Franklin and Jimbo Fisher, whose pictures will one day appear in the Wikipedia entry for “Citrus Bowl,” wind up with the most guaranteed money in the entire FBS?


  8. Texas Dawg

    Christmas has already arrived for Jimmy Sexton and the season of giving (huge contracts) will continue for a LOOOONG time


  9. Whiskey Dawg

    Now what Franklin needs to do is buy the biggest Lincoln available, go into the storage area at Penn State, find that statue of Jo Ped, Mount the head on the hood and drive around Happy Valley.


  10. kokainmothershed

    I love that the fanbase is united behind our coach, and that we’ll all cheer the news of a sizeable raise and extension when announced. But more than that, I love that our coach gives this program his BEST no matter where he stands on the coaching salary ranking list. As he said, success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Go get ’em, Kirby!


  11. Texas Dawg

    It’s not size of these contracts that is so mind boggling, it’s that they are being given to mediocre coaches. Saban, Kirby, Dabo, Day, and a few others have earned them. The rest is it just simply FOMO that is driving them.

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    • miltondawg

      I think that it has more to do with keeping what you know you have. MSU probably knows what Tucker is for example, but the unknown if he leaves is more frightening. Schools would rather have a known “good” coach than have to worry about getting back into the coaching carousel since the evidence pretty clearly says that more times than not your hire isn’t going to pan out over the long haul. The chances of your next coach being “great” or “one of the best ever” is slim, at best.


      • Texas Dawg

        The problem is they are getting Saban money with Mullen results. I will give State Penn a little more leeway since Franklin has more of a track record. I like Tucker, but he has only 1 season at MSU. Mullen had one good year and got an extension and a rapid exit. Orgeron had one good year got a MASSIVE new contract and then an rapid exit. Show me SUSTSAINED success and then talk to me about these massive longer term deals. If they had added a year or two with a reasonable increase, then yes it makes sense. What they did was out bid themselves (like TAMU did for Jimbo last year).

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        • miltondawg

          I don’t disagree at all. In fact, we are pretty much in agreement. I am simply saying that ADs are settling for a known commodity rather than searching for the next great coach. As I pointed out in another post below, some of that has to do with ADs knowing that their own job is at some point tied to the coach. The school (and AD) can’t protect themselves with rolling extensions and moderate pay increases. Good coaches get poached for better jobs. Jimbo is a good, but probably not great, coach. Tucker appears to be a good coach. Franklin is a good coach. You could make the argument that Orgeron is a good coach (yes, his natty was predicated on a Heisman winning QB, Joe Brady, and Dave Aranda…but he was involved in recruiting and hiring those people). The ridiculous money in college football allows schools to pay moderately good coaches like they are Saban without Saban-like results to keep them at thier school.


  12. godawgs1701

    James Franklin won a Big Ten title in 2016, one of three times he’s won 11 games in Happy Valley. Honestly not bad, but that year he was blown out by Michigan and got beat by Pitt. The next year he won 11 but choked against Ohio State and Michigan State. Best win was probably a mediocre Michigan team. 11 wins in 2019, but choke jobs against Minnesota and another Ohio State loss. 2020 he lost 5 straight to start the year including a blowout by Maryland. This year he’s dropped four games including Illinois.

    He’s had success and I have no problem with Penn State keeping him around. But to make him the second highest paid coach in the sport just so he won’t leave? Guys, there are a lot of coaches out there in the world who can make Penn State the third-most relevant team in that conference and lose every year to Ryan Day.

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  13. I think Franklin’s name will disappear from future searches now, so that’s a boon. Who’s gonna pay to buyout THAT contract, for THAT guy? As for his current market value… I suppose the Happy Valley peeps see him as their Richt. Let him spend another 10 years there getting real close before they look for their Kirby. I have no issue with that strategy.

    As for Kirby, has he earned a higher payout than he’s getting now, based on the market? Absolutely. Does he need/want it? I’m not so sure. He has generational wealth. No one in his family will ever want for anything. What is more likely, to me, is that he redirects funds in ways that support his goals with the program. Maybe it’s increasing the salary pool for assistants. Maybe it’s creating new analyst/recruiting/marketing positions. Maybe it’s funding the development of nanotechnology which can fully repair ACL tears in a matter of weeks.

    Is there supportive reasoning for him to be the highest paid coach in the game? Sure. I think, though, that he finds greater reward in becoming the best to ever do it, than he does in becoming filthy-richer. Reinvesting those profits into the program will continue to pay higher dividends… and you can only own so many F150s.

    Go Dawgs

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  14. Sexton also scored Hugh Freeze $4M a year until 2028 at Liberty. Let that sink in. Again, these AD’s are not dumb, just obiedient.

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    • miltondawg

      I don’t even know if I would call them obedient. Fear of the unknown drives decisions more than a desire to be great or elite or whatever you want to call it. And that fear of the unknown includes an AD’s fear about his or her job security if they let a “good” (as opposed to great) coach get away and the next hire turns out to be in the statistically likely category of a guy that is (a) no better than the previous coach, or (b) worse than the previous coach. ADs, like GMs in pro sports, typically only get so many bites at the coaching-hire apple before they wind up getting tossed as well.


  15. Tony BarnFart

    The only two things i know with certainty in college football:
    1. Kirby is about to go on a run. Nobody may ever match his mentor, but Kirbys gonna have the CFB world
    by the short and skinnies.

    Jimmy Sexton knows it.


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