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Sometimes, it really **does** mean more.


Chaser ($$).

Seth Emerson: Matt Luke now works for the team I cover, and if there’s a chance to talk to him the first question will be: So what’s it like to be fired because one of your players pretended to pee? Every time you see a dog peeing, do you need a minute to collect yourself? College football is so great.

It really is.

Who ‘ya got tonight?



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How a Tech fan does Thanksgiving

You can feel the spirit of the season as he runs through a list of the many things he’s not grateful for.

Such a happy fan base.  Hope his liquor cabinet is fully stocked.  He’s gonna need it before halftime.


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Pity the poor Sabanator

Nick has a Thanksgiving message for the Tide fanbase.

Uh, fellas?  I think you misspelled “whine” there.


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Words to live by

Dawgnation, this may need to be a new rule:

Quote that defines the rivalry: “Lose to Tech, you don’t put up a Christmas tree. That’s my rule.” — Erk Russell, whose family apparently went without the holiday tradition only four times in his 17 seasons as Georgia’s defensive coordinator from 1964 to 1980.


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When will Jimmy Sexton paint his masterpiece?

‘Cause I guarantee you, as obscene as Mel Tucker’s deal is, this ain’t it.

Fully guaranteed and lucrative bonuses?  Hoo, wee, it’s gonna be a fun Thanksgiving in the Tucker house today.  Dude has a career record of 16-14, his team just got pantsed by Ohio State and his reward is to be making almost 50% more than Kirby Smart.

Oh, wait…  I may have just figured out the answer to my header question.


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Something else to be thankful for

I love Georgia Tech.  How ’bout you?

While not a surprise, Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury confirmed that coach Geoff Collins will return for a fourth season Wednesday night. Stansbury made the declaration on Collins’ radio show on The Fan.

“I have my man,” Stansbury told Tech broadcaster Andy Demetra.

Stansbury spoke with Demetra for the second half of the hour-long show, offering his perspective on the state of the team and his support of Collins. While calling the season painful, frustrating, disappointing and not acceptable for “anybody associated with this program,” Stansbury said that the team is close to winning.

Welp, there’s close… and then there’s close ($$).

Georgia is favored by 35 1/2 points, possibly the biggest spread in the rivalry’s history.

“It’s not enough,” one Tech insider told me.

I think what Todd’s saying there is that they aren’t close to raising Coach 404’s buyout.  Yet.


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It’s Thanksgiving at GTP.

If you follow the blog much, you know what that means.

And if you follow the blog much and can’t find anything to be thankful for today, you’re not doing it right.  Enjoy the day, be grateful for friends and loved ones, savor an undefeated Georgia team going into the Tech game to wreak havoc and settle down for what (I hope) should be a fun Egg Bowl at 7:30 tonight.

Life ain’t bad, all things considered.


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