It’s Thanksgiving at GTP.

If you follow the blog much, you know what that means.

And if you follow the blog much and can’t find anything to be thankful for today, you’re not doing it right.  Enjoy the day, be grateful for friends and loved ones, savor an undefeated Georgia team going into the Tech game to wreak havoc and settle down for what (I hope) should be a fun Egg Bowl at 7:30 tonight.

Life ain’t bad, all things considered.


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  1. RangerRuss

    It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog! 11-0 with a bullet. Not only are the Dawgs beating all the old rivals, they are stomping a mudhole in that ass while doing it.
    If I were a tech fan? I would hate to be me. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.
    To hell with tech.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’ve watched tha a few times. Always good for a laugh. First time I noticed that Les is trying to sound like the report of the Hindenburg disaster.

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  3. Salty Dawg

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you barkin’ DAWGS! We certainly have a lot to be thankful for! I am especially grateful for all your efforts in churning this blog out, Senator! Well done and very much appreciated! Let the big Dawg EAT!

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    • HirsuteDawg

      I would echo that, Senator, and add that I appreciate and enjoy all the witty, sometimes profane, occasionally informative and always entertaining comments by your readers. I’m thankful to be a Dawg always but especially so this year. Hunker Down! Y’all

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  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Merci beaucoup à tous les Dawgs!
    Aussi descendre aux enfers les Nerds de la technologie.

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  5. One of the posters known as Mark

    The joyous, hopeful, peace-loving part of me wishes GTP the very best of Thanksgiving Days.

    The rest of me fervently wants to see Georgia beat the ever-loving, absolute, pluperfect, 100% poly-unsaturated shit out of the nerds on Saturday.

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  6. akascuba

    Thanks for posting this Thanksgiving classic. We certainly have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all. No better way to end the regular season than running over tech something I’ll never get tired of.

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  7. Bulldawg Bill

    Just think of it; on Thanksgiving you can look anyone in the eye, and with a straight face and whole heart tell anyone, including the Bags and Bugs, to GO EAT A BIG ONE!!!

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  8. Definitely thankful on this Thanksgiving morning. I hope everyone has a great day filled with food, family, friends and some football.

    Later, I’ll start getting ready for the drive down 141 and 85 on Saturday morning for the annual blood-letting that is going to happen at historic Richt-Smart Field at Vince Dooley Stadium.

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  9. rincondawg

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! It’s a privilege to live in the greatest country in the world!! American by birth, Southern by the grace of God!! Go Dawgs!!

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  10. 86bone

    “Sittin Juggs” says Happy Thanksgiving from Central Texas! And remember, if the Indians would have killed a mule instead of a turkey, we’d all get a piece of ass for Thanksgiving!
    GO DAWGS🐶🐾

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  11. I’m thankful to be a Brave-Dawg in 2021! Happy Thanksgiving and Go U Hairy Dawgs!

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  12. originaluglydawg

    Thankful for all of the blessings I have, realizing how fortunate I am to live in this time and place. Not my doings but HIS!
    Hunker down and enjoy Thanksgiving Day my Dawg friends!

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  13. Russ

    Thank you, Senator, for giving us a great place to talk all things Dawgs. Hope all you scamps have a great Thanksgiving, and to hell with Tech!

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  14. cowetadawg

    Senator, I count your blog among my blessings. Been hanging around here since 2006ish, I think. Good even in the bumpy years. Muchas thankful for this marvelous season – this is our year.
    Also, Go Dawgs and to hell with Georgia Tech!

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  15. PTC DAWG

    Thankful for my Family & Friends…

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  16. Ozam

    You know you’re addicted to GTP when the first thing you think about Thanksgiving morning is whether the Senator posted the WKRP video!

    Happy Thanksgiving peeps!

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  17. By any objective standard this was a difficult year at our household, especially from a health perspective, but I’m super grateful our 11-0 Dawgs, my brand new baby nephew, family, and the folks that keep this space interesting, especially our Senator.

    Thank you to anyone who liked a comment of mine this year!!!!

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  18. NotMyCrossToBear

    Very thankful.

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  19. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Dawg Nation…what a glorious time to be a Dawg fan. Be kind to all your family and friends, and be especially kind to that relative that can’t cook to save her/his life…you know the one you tell “just bring cups and paper plates”. And well, if you’re taking cups and paper plates today to your family’s house, well…Bless your Heart. 🧐

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  20. As an American and member of DawgNation, let me give special thanks to….oh shit! Amazon just dropped some more Black Friday items!

    Uh..thanks y’all. Later.

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  21. Thankful for you offering this forum for discussion, and thankful for those who come to toss quips and criticisms. It’s been an immensely entertaining way to enjoy this special season.

    Happy Thanksgiving, All!

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  22. Got Cowdog

    Happy Thanksgiving my Dawgs!
    Just back from a few days on the other side of the country. If you are a fan of the beautiful countryside and the grape, Sonoma and Napa should be on the bucket list. Pictures and words won’t do it justice.
    Thanks, Bluto for the effort on the blog and giving us a place to properly mock our rivals. Be blessed, Y’all. Off to lunch with the IL’s, will probably need scotch later…

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  23. californiadawg

    Happy Thanksgiving GTP nation from the west coast! Thankful for this blog and spirited discussion which makes me feel a bit less isolated from back home. Also thankful for what has been the most exciting season in my 22 years as a fan. Hope everyone has a great, whiskey and wine-soaked day with people they love. Let’s finish out strong!

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  24. Raleighwood Rob

    Here’s wishing you all a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for this blog and all you crazy kids! ☮

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  25. Dawg19

    Hope nobody minds if I add this Thanksgiving classic! 😁 Happy Thanksgiving, All!!

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  26. Munsoning

    Happy Thanksgiving, fellow GTPers. Love y’all–most of you, anyway–to death.

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  27. Terry McCullers

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!, Hope this day and all your holidays are great! Go DAWGS!

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