Something else to be thankful for

I love Georgia Tech.  How ’bout you?

While not a surprise, Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury confirmed that coach Geoff Collins will return for a fourth season Wednesday night. Stansbury made the declaration on Collins’ radio show on The Fan.

“I have my man,” Stansbury told Tech broadcaster Andy Demetra.

Stansbury spoke with Demetra for the second half of the hour-long show, offering his perspective on the state of the team and his support of Collins. While calling the season painful, frustrating, disappointing and not acceptable for “anybody associated with this program,” Stansbury said that the team is close to winning.

Welp, there’s close… and then there’s close ($$).

Georgia is favored by 35 1/2 points, possibly the biggest spread in the rivalry’s history.

“It’s not enough,” one Tech insider told me.

I think what Todd’s saying there is that they aren’t close to raising Coach 404’s buyout.  Yet.


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12 responses to “Something else to be thankful for

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “I have my man” = Nobody, I mean nobody, will even return my call.

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  2. Bulldawg Bill

    GT’s wide outs don’t cut and run that fast!!!!!!


  3. Jeoff had Stansbury over a barrel. I need a 7 year contract with a strong buyout to attempt to rebuild the program because no one wants this job. If it worked out, he was going to be off to a better job by now. If it didn’t, he still was going to get paid because they can’t afford to buy him out.

    All of that and Stansbury was recognized as one of the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s top CEOs in the sports/entertainment segment.


  4. practicaldawg

    Getting Gee-off a 10 year deal at Yech would be a nice encore for Sexton after the Tucker masterpiece


  5. 2021…the year that keeps on giving. Even better, Kirby embarrasses them so bad, a group of tech donors does step forward and they fire Geoffrey anyway!


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    35.5 may be enough, but only because there will only be starters on the field in the first quarter and that will only be out of respect for the game. A more important game comes next and avoiding injury to ones and twos that we will need against Bama is more important than beating a dead horse mercilessly. Having said that, Fuch Teck.


  7. archiecreek

    “…they aren’t close to raising Coach 404’s buyout, yet.”
    Bingo Cholly (Senator)!!
    In my best Bear Bryant voice!


  8. David D

    This is good. At least one more year before Tech decides to bring in their next triple option coach.


  9. Texas Dawg

    It’s not as good as hearing that Dopey Dan had been retained would’ve been, but it’ll do for now.


  10. erksshadow

    I attended the 2002 game in Athens vs Ga. Tech. The Dawgs could do no wrong that day. Every play was perfect. It was a great day to be a Bulldawg fan! Hoping this weekend will be even better.

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  11. Texas Dawg

    I feel confident that Geoff Collins has Tech on the right track and will get this thing turned around. The odds are pretty good that the bugs will win 4 games next year.


  12. redhotchilidawg

    I remember the 90s when these ass clowns actually competed with us and were insufferable when they won. Now it’s pretty hard to come across Tech gear, even in Atlanta.

    I’d like to beat them so bad that they finally admit the school is just an overgrown UGA satellite campus, ask to merge the football team with ours, and Kirby tells them not a single player on their roster can make our scout team.

    Also, who names their offspring Geoff? What a perfect name for the leader of the Joke by Coke.

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