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It’s… happening?

The Athletic is reporting that, according to a source close to the team, George Pickens could see the field tomorrow against Georgia Tech.

“Could” may or may not be doing a lot of heavy lifting there.  We’ll see.


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“Nerds,” he said.

Dayum, Aaron, tell us what you really think.

The former Georgia quarterback then went into the football part of the rivalry, and recalled that the triple option comes to mind from his days in the rivalry against Paul Johnson’s offense.

“How annoying it was to sit on the sideline and watch our defense have to deal with it,” he said. “You know you’re going to lose a bunch of possessions. At least they’re running some big boy offense, so I do appreciate their efforts to work that into their system. We obviously view them as little brother. I know they’ve had their moments in the past when they come in and beat Georgia and they want to rip up our hedges and all that nonsense. But it’s a game where you’re expected to go out there and dominate, get the backups in and make sure you’re ready to go for the SEC Championship Game.”



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“Now, let me tell you what it takes to be a champion…”

Tell it, Mr. Snitker.

Normally, I save the hype videos for Saturday morning, but since Graham had the same thought I did watching this…

There’s also a good chuckle to be had here. The first clip is the upper deck of Bobby Dodd Stadium full of red and black Dawg fans, which we always love to see. When you add in the fact that the Atlanta Braves play 15 minutes from Georgia Tech’s campus and they’ve sent their mascot, manager, and a key player to UGA home games since winning the title you have to laugh. To make matters worse for the Yellow Jackets, Geoff Collins has done everything short of getting an OutKast album tattooed on his neck to try and tie his program’s identity to Atlanta. Now the head coach of the city’s first champion in 26 years is narrating UGA’s pregame hype video versus the team from Atlanta. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the dynamics in this rivalry… *chef’s kiss*

… I thought it shouldn’t wait.

Surprisingly, there’s no mention of Waffle House or 404 as a key to championships.


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TFW you know they’re not going to do anything about it

From the end of last night’s first half in the Egg Bowl, as Mississippi State was driving to take the lead, comes what may very well have been the laziest attempt at a fake injury I’ve seen this season:

Honestly, they didn’t even bother to make an effort for that to look good.  And why bother?  The SEC won’t do anything.  (Not to mention it worked — the drive stalled and resulted in zero points as Ole Miss went on to win the game convincingly.)

I’m sure Junior smirked all the way back to Oxford after the game.


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They’re going to get Alabama’s best shot.

Have I mentioned how surreal the advance SECCG talk is?  I can’t get used to the concept of not only Georgia being the favorite (that happened in 2015, remember?) but that concept not feeling fluky.

For one thing, the pressure is going to be on Saban’s team this time around.

Still, if the Crimson Tide win at Auburn in Saturday’s Iron Bowl, they’ll have more at stake when they play the Bulldogs a week later. Unless Alabama knocks off Georgia again, it won’t be assured of getting to the CFP. A two-loss team has never made the playoff, and it’s hard to imagine the Tide being the first, especially without winning a conference title, regardless of how high they might be in the selection committee’s rankings on Tuesday night.

Make no mistake: Alabama will more than likely be at its best in Atlanta, and it will be another back-and-forth contest between Saban and Smart, his former defensive coordinator. Tide receivers Jameson Williams and John Metchie will test Georgia’s secondary, and Bryce Young’s scrambling ability will help keep the offense on the field.

As good as Georgia has looked this season, finally beating Alabama has been the elephant-sized hurdle staring the Bulldogs in the face since early September. Knocking the Tide out of the playoff might be Georgia’s clearest path to ending a 41-year drought without a national title.

For another, Kirby Smart sounds like a man whose testicles aren’t retracting at the thought of taking down his mentor.

“I don’t have any doubt that we can play with Alabama, we’ve done it three times,” Smart told ESPN in the preseason. “We’re just as good as them, and we’ve gone toe-to-toe with them.”

Now, if he can get his team to play like that for a full 60 minutes this time…


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Today, in gaps

This is a savage opener.

Georgia Tech offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude had a surprising answer Tuesday when asked for his historical perspective on No. 1 Georgia’s defensive front, led by Jordan Davis.

“Maybe like the Rams, the Steelers,” Patenaude said.

To be sure, no Georgia coach has used NFL measuring sticks for Georgia Tech’s talent this week as the teams prepare for Saturday’s game for state bragging rights.

With Georgia coach Kirby Smart chasing a national championship in his sixth season and Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins finishing with another losing record in his third year, the gap between the programs seems wider than ever.

Which gets me to wonder — is there another football program that has gaps between itself and its rivals discussed more than Georgia’s?


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