They’re going to get Alabama’s best shot.

Have I mentioned how surreal the advance SECCG talk is?  I can’t get used to the concept of not only Georgia being the favorite (that happened in 2015, remember?) but that concept not feeling fluky.

For one thing, the pressure is going to be on Saban’s team this time around.

Still, if the Crimson Tide win at Auburn in Saturday’s Iron Bowl, they’ll have more at stake when they play the Bulldogs a week later. Unless Alabama knocks off Georgia again, it won’t be assured of getting to the CFP. A two-loss team has never made the playoff, and it’s hard to imagine the Tide being the first, especially without winning a conference title, regardless of how high they might be in the selection committee’s rankings on Tuesday night.

Make no mistake: Alabama will more than likely be at its best in Atlanta, and it will be another back-and-forth contest between Saban and Smart, his former defensive coordinator. Tide receivers Jameson Williams and John Metchie will test Georgia’s secondary, and Bryce Young’s scrambling ability will help keep the offense on the field.

As good as Georgia has looked this season, finally beating Alabama has been the elephant-sized hurdle staring the Bulldogs in the face since early September. Knocking the Tide out of the playoff might be Georgia’s clearest path to ending a 41-year drought without a national title.

For another, Kirby Smart sounds like a man whose testicles aren’t retracting at the thought of taking down his mentor.

“I don’t have any doubt that we can play with Alabama, we’ve done it three times,” Smart told ESPN in the preseason. “We’re just as good as them, and we’ve gone toe-to-toe with them.”

Now, if he can get his team to play like that for a full 60 minutes this time…


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35 responses to “They’re going to get Alabama’s best shot.

  1. Bulldawg Bill

    BRING IT!!!!!!!

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  2. Cheer wino69

    Can it be both “too soon” and “RAT POISON!”?

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  3. Who is their backup quarterback? Let’s go ahead and hit him on an out of bounds tackle and get him out of the game, if we can.

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  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    every game has been…uga hasn’t faced xyz scheme/team/tempo/etc and we have whooped ass every time. i like our chances

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    • My thoughts exactly. Yet here I am…Munsoning.

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      • Derek

        My fear is how often the sec office in Birmingham will explain to the officiating crew that they don’t want to fuck things up and deprive the conference of two playoff representatives, so, you know, be really, really “careful”…

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        • Texas Dawg

          We just need to bury the bastards and take the officiating out of the equation. Kind of like getting up big early a running team and making them pass. Take them out of their comfort zone. If we can get the officiating out of their comfort zone to where their calls don’t really matter, then they will probably do an OK job. Keep the game close and let them get in their comfort zone of tipping a game to the right team and we’re in trouble.

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  5. Terry McCullers

    We beat Saban as an underdog I believe we have arrived at the top of the mountain. We’ve had these guys beaten before but let them off the hook. We do it this year and begin our run!

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  6. pedropossum

    Also hoping we can cruise in our game with tech and the iron bowl is a battle.

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  7. aim260

    Be prepared to do it without Salyer and possibly Smith from the tea leaves available to me.

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  8. Russ

    I just texted my Auburn buddy and asked them to go ahead and take out Bama’s backup QB for us.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Man you are brave. Admitting to having Auburn buddies. You haven’t suggested a 12 step program for him to overcome his affliction? Next you’ll be telling us your best friend is a Gator.

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  9. I just hope the Bama fan base prepared to find out their team isn’t actually any good.

    As soon as UGA wins, they’ll join the ranks of the nobody UGA ain’t played.

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    • Texas Dawg

      We don’t need to beat them. We need to bury the bastards. If they keep it close, then some way, somehow they will make it into the playoffs. As I have said multiple times, if it comes down to their two favorite pets for the 4th spot (Bama and ND), the committee will probably immediately expand the playoffs to 5 teams. This will allow them to avoid going through the grieving process associated with having to sacrifice one to save the other.

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  10. Darin Cochran

    We unofficially won the NC when we beat Oky in that fantastic Rose bowl that year, IMO. Because when we went on a faced the Tide, the refs just gift wrapped that game and gave it to Saban. I even have Tide fan friends that have told me we got screwed with bad officiating in that game. That’s something for prideful Tide fans to admit.
    This time, I hope we can beat them bad enough to overcome bad reffing. Or maybe, just maybe, the refs might actually call a good game and we can beat them fair and square.

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    • Texas Dawg

      This time, I hope we can beat them bad enough to overcome bad reffing. Or maybe, just maybe, the refs might actually call a good game and we can beat them fair and square.

      You better go with option #1 because option #2 is a figment of your imagination. In the NC game, besides the blocked put that was negated due to a phantom offsides penalty, there was a face mask (I can’t remember if it was Fromm, Chubb or Michele). It was right in front of the official and left him looking out his ear hole but was MIRACULOUSLY missed. Two EGREGIOS errors that were game changers (care to guess in who’s favor).


      • aim260

        Pretty sure it was on Swift.

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        • originaluglydawg

          Yeah. Fromm was the one that hot his head pushed back down onto the field as he was getting up from the pile. Blatant personal foul seen by everyone in the world that wasn’t wearing crimson or stripes.

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          • Texas Dawg

            Why don’t they just put them in crimson stripes to just make it official.

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            • ASEF

              Those were B1G officials. And SEC officials repaid the favor by hosing Ohio State against Clemson in their 2019 semi.

              Bad officiating is college football’s calling card. And conferences don’t ever have to deal with it because it’s always tackled as a conspiracy problem (ridiculous) versus a product quality issue (glaring).

              SEC championship could very well be determined by some awful officiating. Already happens in more than a few SEC games.


  11. californiadawg

    Not really asking this to spark a Kirby QB management debate, but just want to get a gut check. As we sit here today, if you had to put money on it, do you think JT sees meaningful snaps in Atlanta and the playoffs? For this to happen, it seems one of 3 scenarios would have to play out:

    A) Stetson plays a catastrophic first half, offense stalls
    B) Stetson (god forbid) gets injured
    C) Kirby and Monken enact secret plan they had all along to play JT regardless of how Stetson plays


    D) Stetson is the guy, we are who we are, Dawgs lean on D and run game, STFU already


    • charlottedawg

      Only way JT sees meaningful snaps is if stetson plays really poorly in the seccg or playoff or gets hurt. at this point Kirby has hitched his wagon to stetson, otherwise you’d be giving JT game reps the last few games to be ready for the games that matter. I really hope that decision doesn’t come back to bite Kirby in the ass. I’m still skeptical this offense can keep up with Ohio State or Alabama. With our defense it might not end up mattering but why make that your only formula for winning.

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    • Stetson’s the QB. JT will play if needed.

      The “super secret JT weapon” talk is silly. Do people actually believe Nick Saban doesn’t have enough tape on JT to have prepared his team and staff for that possibility? The people who pitch that drivel probably think he came in and wasn’t amazing against Mizzou or Charleston Southern as next-level Schadenfreude.

      He’s a good quarterback. He’s not a world beater, and it’s very possible that whatever the injuries have been to him, their effects linger on. I think too many people watch his snaps with optimism and Stets’ snaps with skepticism.

      If he is needed in these future games, I hope he comes in and looks better than he has thus far in his return. If not, we’ll STILL be relying on our D to carry the day.

      My personal hope? Stet moves the ball well enough to get the wins without it becoming an issue, and JT gets to play because he’s definitely earned PT.

      Go Dawgs.

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      • RangerRuss

        That’s how I see it. Hope that tipped pass interception by Chucktown Southern was a reminder for SBIV.

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      • Really folks…do you think the team will be fired up and juiced when JTD trots out to start the SECCG? Stetson has won the support of his team. JT is a terrific backup. That’s how it’s going to play out. Kirby and Monken absolutely know what they are doing.

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      • gurkhadawg

        Ben, you might be referring to my “secret JT weapon” comment a while back. I wasn’t serious, just fucking around. Stet is the man, he has earned it. Even after JT’s great performances in a couple of games last year, I was talking to a friend who has pretty good access to the program and I was saying we have found a great QB to lead the team, my friend said the word is Daniels is really not that good. It’s really hard for some to admit, but Stet is just a better QB than JT.


  12. uga97

    Stetson Bennett: we need you dialed in during the poisonous rat scrimmage this Saturday. It’s tune up time for bama.

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  13. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Georgia was favored in 2008 too.


  14. Tony BarnFart



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