Today, in gaps

This is a savage opener.

Georgia Tech offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude had a surprising answer Tuesday when asked for his historical perspective on No. 1 Georgia’s defensive front, led by Jordan Davis.

“Maybe like the Rams, the Steelers,” Patenaude said.

To be sure, no Georgia coach has used NFL measuring sticks for Georgia Tech’s talent this week as the teams prepare for Saturday’s game for state bragging rights.

With Georgia coach Kirby Smart chasing a national championship in his sixth season and Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins finishing with another losing record in his third year, the gap between the programs seems wider than ever.

Which gets me to wonder — is there another football program that has gaps between itself and its rivals discussed more than Georgia’s?


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22 responses to “Today, in gaps

  1. RangerRuss

    That’s a hard question this early. Which team gap, hmm. It appears I’m not the onlyest one to sleep in this morning.
    I’m contemplating the gaps between the bacon, lettuce, turkey and tomato on the sammich I’m planning for brunch. Fill the gaps with Duke’s mayonnaise being as I can’t decide which ingredient to place next to the Devil’s spooge and bread. Also Duke’s will be the glue to hold it all together. Toothpicks tend to disappear in this mess.
    Black Friday first world problems…

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      “Devil’s spooge?” DUKE’S? Son, if it ain’t DUKE’S IT AIN’T mayo!!!!!!

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    • Salty Dawg

      Sounds great! I think I’ll throw on some aged Swiss cheese on mine. Your mileage may vary, though.


      • RangerRuss

        Excellent choice, SD. I added Muenster, sweet n hot mustard on the turkey and pan-toasted rye bread side. Lots of Duke’s. Hall of fame sammich.

        Spur21, I’m boycotting cranberries until the industry mandates Bog Dolphin excluder nets. Every year at least 12,000 Bog Dolphins are scooped into nets and canned. As an environmentally ill I mean conscious human being I simply won’t stand by as cetaceans are wasted in the canning process. E’rbody knows dolphins and manatees are mammals. Not fish. Roasted or BBQ is the only way to cook those creatures.
        Besides, cranberry is what my wife drinks when she’s on her period.

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  2. Probably the gap between tOSU and the rest of the Big 10 …. and then tOSU plays in the CFCG, and the gap goes the other way.

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  3. armydawg

    Maybe Rocky Flop & Bama; or Vandy. Us & Auburn last several years.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Give credit where due. Dave Patenaude is well schooled at Vince Dooley’s Flattery Academy.

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  5. I can recall being a little worried when they hired Collins. He was bringing recruiting savvy and hype to Tech and I thought they would be stingy by this point. Then I remembered being concerned when they hired Johnson, Gailey, etc…it’s really becoming more and more apparent that Tech might want to consider joining the Sun Belt or quitting football altogether.

    I’m 47, and I’ve seen Tech beat us only 12 times in my life. Largest margin of victory was Tech’s at some point, 48-0. Here’s to breaking some records tomorrow. Maybe we won’t get to beat the 8 game win streak set by Tech because they’ll just up and quit before that happens. F*ck the Nerds.

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  6. Georgia just has more rivals than most schools. Tech, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina, arguably, Clemson, arguably.

    Half the schools on our schedule are “rivals.”

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  7. RangerRuss

    The answer is Florida, Dawgs.


  8. jdawg108

    Florida’s talk about closing the gap with Georgia reminded me of Wile e coyote running off a cliff in a Road Runner cartoon. He still thought he was on solid ground and kept chugging for a bit. The LSU game last year was when everyone saw they had nothing under their feet, but it took them this long to believe they were falling.

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  9. The only place they talk more about closing gaps is at a dentist convention in Knoxville.

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  10. uga97

    South Carolina Clemson 2 years ago.


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