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Two big zeros today: 12-0 and 45-0.

Georgia Tech finished their season giving up 110 unanswered points. 404, baby!


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Your game day post, COFH edition

I want — no, I need — a replay of this.

When this game is over, I want to hear the lamentation of the women.  I want Waffle House to refuse to seat Coach 404 out of a sense of embarrassment from being associated with each other.

Tech has one real threat in Jahmyr Gibbs.  We all know what this Georgia defense does with opponents’ leading rushers.

Tech is on a five-game losing streak, capped by a 55-0 shellacking at the hands of Notre Dame.  They’re the kind of team for which Vince Dooley would be singing the praises of their long snappah this week.

Pound them into submission, don’t get anybody hurt and run this state.  Again.

Feel free to have at it in the comments.



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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

It’s the last week of the regular season, which means it’s chock full of rivalry games.

Standouts for me:

  • Ohio State at Michigan.  How does the Buckeyes offense do against the best defense it’s faced this season?
  • Florida State at Florida.  Heh.
  • Alabama at Auburn.  No Bo Nix Experience, unfortunately.
  • Virginia Tech at Virginia.  Y’all don’t care, but I do.
  • Oklahoma at Oklahoma State.  Potential CFP implications here.

And you?


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Your Daily Jacket is in denial.

This, my friends, is comedy gold.  Dudes at Stingtalk are in disbelief about Brian Snitker cutting a promo for UGA:

The funniest thing is these people think they’re smart.


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Score the damned ball, Monken.

One thing to watch for today on the Flats is the 2021 version of Georgia closing in on the most prolific point-scoring team in school history, led by Mike Bobo’s 2014 offense, which scored 537 points in 13 games, a 41.3 ppg average that was good for eighth best in the country.

Right now, this year’s team has managed 443 points in 11 games.  Their 40.3 ppg average ranks seventh nationally.

They need 95 points in the next two games to beat the 2014 team.  While I don’t think they can score that many today, they can sure get a good head start on it.


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Rise and shine, campers.

Winning Smart Victory Post #32: We Run This State - Dawg ...

This state ain’t gonna run itself.


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