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There’s always blogger manna out there when you need some.



Thank you, football gods.


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Coaching mic drop



Well, give him credit for not lying.  Meanwhile, somewhere out there is a member of the media who’s kicking himself for not asking the obvious follow-up question.


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Never gets old.

Winter bragging rights continue for another year.


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Week 13 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

Well, that was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it?  Might actually have to spend more than a minute on this week’s ballot.

The link is here.  Don’t forget to vote before midnight tomorrow.


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A matter of convenience

Somebody asked Smart yesterday about pounding the in state rival, and here is what he said in response:

“It’s awesome. It’s great for the kids. There’s so many guys from Atlanta. I think it’s good for recruiting. Our recruits, they text and say, ‘man, look at all the Georgia fans that have taken over the stadium.’ A lot of my friends are like, it’s convenient, you know? They live in Atlanta. They get to come to the game and watch the Dawgs play in Atlanta and I know that atmosphere was great. Seemed like the weather was great.”

How does that not apply in spades to our fans in south Georgia and the Cocktail Party game in Jacksonville?


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The GOAT trap

Don’t fall for this.  It’s a trap.

The reason I say this is because none of it will matter in the heat of action when you look up in the third quarter of the SECCG and see Georgia with a respectable lead if your automatic response is to say “OMG, we’re beating Saban, we can’t let this slip away”.

Nick Saban’s history at Alabama tries to make you play not to lose.  And that’s how you get a win probability chart that looks like this:

You simply cannot coach the way Harsin did yesterday against Saban.  Well, you can, but you’ll likely get what you deserve for doing so.

Kirby has been there before — twice.  Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson.  Being the better team against your common opponents won’t mean shit on Saturday.  Being the better team for a full sixty minutes on Saturday is the only thing that will.


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The greatest trick Coach 404 ever played…

… was making me feel sympathy for Georgia Tech.

And, no, I’m not being snarky when I say that.  I’ve seen a lot of bad Georgia Tech teams over the years, but I’ve never seen a Tech coach concede a game the way Collins did yesterday.  It was late in the first half.  Tech had just forced a rare three-and-out and had the ball near midfield with about a minute to play.  Take a shot and try to force the action, maybe?  (It’s not like Collins had anything to lose there.)

Nope.  This, instead.

I turned to my brother (thanks for the seats, bro!) and said, “you guys just surrendered”.  Back at the post game tailgate, my brother’s friend said the same.  So did Jeff Schultz ($$).

It was 24-0 when Georgia was forced to punt for the first time in the game and the Jackets got the ball in good field position at their own 42 with 1:33 left in the half and three timeouts. What do they do? They ran the ball twice for 3 yards each, sandwiched around an incompletion. That’s what waving the white flag looks like.

I may not have cared much for the genius, but I never saw him do anything as craven as that.  If you’re a Tech fan, what do you do when your coach essentially quits on his team?  And if you’re a Tech player?  Well, I give Tre Swilling credit for keeping his dignity here:

He’s a better man than I probably would have been under the circumstances.  I can’t help but feel for him a little.

Collins currently has a good recruiting class coming in, by Tech standards, anyway.  I can’t imagine what he’s saying to recruits about his program, though.


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Shot out of a cannon

Trust me, this looked even faster live.

Tech dropped eight into coverage and Bowers outran six of ’em.  Wowser.

By the way, Bowers is now averaging 17.62 yards per catch, second nationally among tight ends.


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There’s always a new narrative.

Various pundits:  hey, check out the early careers of Mark Richt and Kirby Smart!  There’s little difference!

Texas A&M fans:  hold our beers, assholes.


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Trolls gonna troll, Georgia post season edition

Roll ‘Bama Roll’s ready for next Saturday.  Erik Evans had this to say, even after dinging the Tide in his poll rankings:

Georgia just completed a 12-0 regular season schedule, where the defense did not permit more than 17 points all year. I don’t care how crappy the schedule is (and it was hella’ weak), that’s impressive to do on PlayStation…which is why you should keep all sharp objects away from your Bulldog loved ones when Alabama wins a shootout next week.

Dude, your team needed four overtimes to put up 24 points on 6-6 Auburn’s defense.  I don’t know if Georgia’s gonna win, but ain’t gonna be no shootout in Atlanta.

But, really, that’s fairly weak trolling.  All hail the king!


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