Fabris Pool results, Week 13

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh about this week’s results.  I’ve had my worst season ever in the pick ’em.  I’ve had no feel for point spreads all year.  I’ve gotten pounded, in other words.

So naturally, come the final week of chaos, I win the weekly pool for the first time ever.  In a four-way tiebreaker.  By one point.

Blind pig, meet acorn.  Honestly, I feel too sheepish to pound my chest.

The seasonal race was as close as it gets, as well.

Congrats to jayelbee24!  A 62.6% winning percentage could have won you some real money this year.

That’s it for the regular season.  Stay tuned for the bowl season edition of the Fabris Pool.


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5 responses to “Fabris Pool results, Week 13

  1. RangerRuss

    Crank Baba O’Riley to eleven and celebrate, man. Luck is a combination of skill and opportunity.

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  2. Illini84

    I normally suck at this but I did win one week!


  3. Sweet D

    I started off terribly but had the unique ability to get worse from there. Really thought I’d move up as the year went on, if for no other reason than attrition. Nope.


  4. Had my best season ever…did not participate.



    Good stuff…missing a week sucks…but my picks sucked worse.