Monday ticket exchange

Are you a Magill Society member looking to spread a little SECCG wealth?  Are you a longtime season ticket holder who got screwed on the SECCG ticket cutoff looking for something?

Buddy, have we got the place for you here!

Share what you’ve got/need in the comments and, please, be specific.


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47 responses to “Monday ticket exchange

  1. Castleberry

    Season ticket holder since 1998. Haven’t missed an SECCG. Missed cutoff by < 5000.

    Looking for a single. Will pay $500. Can do venmo, paypal, zelle.

    I stand and scream the entire time on defense. No matter what.

    I know the words to Hail and sing them

    If you can stand to be around someone like that –

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  2. automaticdawg

    Looking for one (or two) anywhere on the Dawg side of the Benz. Hoping to stay below $500, but I know the market is kind of set at this point. or 770-313-0653

    BTW, I am the latter: long time season ticket holder who used to qualify for SEC tickets in the aughts and early teens. Barely missed cutoff in 2017, but not even sniffing the cutoff these days. Very depressing to see the widening gap. Was hoping to take my son, but at these prices, I’m likely going to just roll solo.

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  3. Remember the Quincy

    Benefit to living in Alabama: knowing and being friendly with level headed Auburn fans who have bought SECCG tix from the SEC office since ‘92. And when they hate Bama more than they love their Mama, they sell their tix at face value to Georgia fans to make sure Bammers don’t get those seats.

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    • Isn’t there some bullshit still out there about this? That the people who bought them from the office for the first SEC championship game in Birmingham can renew each year? I’ve always heard that’s why Bama and Florida have all the tickets, but not sure if that’s actually true or just message board bs.

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  4. Ole Dokes

    The secondary market is absolutely ridiculous…I uncharacteristically splurged for tickets for the the kids & me Thursday night as an early Christmas present. About $2600 for three tickets in upper level on Georgia side with approximately $800(!!!) in taxes & fees. We will make a day trip out of it to save money. None of the CFP games appeal to me & this is my least expensive option for this magical season. Seeing us beat Bama in person is this important to me. Should be downhill from SECCG. What the hell…can’t take it with you!!

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  5. maudelebowskisart

    Can somebody tell me what the cutoff actually was. I know you had to have 45000 to even request.


  6. Gaskilldawg

    Not only does the Magill gift count as 1.5 Hartman points per dollar, meaning that the Magill yearly minimum produces 7,500 Hartman points. a season ticket holder can make his Hartman renewal minimum and keep his tickets plus get extras by virtual of Magill. That reduces significantly the tickets available to chumps such as me.


  7. denverdawg

    I fully realize I have a less than one percent chance, but my budget doesn’t allow for spending much over face value of the ticket. However, it never hurts to throw your name in the hat, so I will. Was there for the infamous blackout game in 2008, for the heartbreaker in 2012, and in the pouring rain for the debacle in 2015. Would love to exorcise the demons in person and see a Dawg reckoning. Have two degrees from UGA and would be a good neighbor and eternally grateful if anyone has a spare and is willing to help out a Dawg versus making some extra money / recouping the McGill donation. Conversely, given my monetary constraints, if anyone is having a tailgate where some folks will stay and watch – that’d be cool too.


  8. californiadawg

    Dumb question but what side are we on? If I’m going to drop enough cash to lease a Range Rover I don’t want to be surrounded by bammers.


  9. redhotchilidawg

    Apologies for this being a little off topic, but I really want to take my early 70s father to the natty if Georgia is playing.

    I have skymiles and hotel points to burn. I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger on tickets now or if I should wait. My concern is that ND, Michigan and Cincy are all driving distance and could push prices up. Ok State is the only team as far as us, outside of Bama.

    Would you buy today or wait?


    • Illini84

      They aren’t going to get cheaper.

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      • drunkenmonken

        I had the chance a month ago to lock in 2 tickets to the natty for $425 each. Upper deck between the 40 yard lines. Non refundable, non transferable, pick them up the day of the game. I’m going regardless who plays. I know it’s gonna be the Dawgs though.


    • stoopnagle

      I’d say do it now. Michigan, Cincinnati, Oklahoma State… once in a lifetime deal for them so once this weekend settles, Indianapolis will be the most expensive city in America for that weekend.


  10. Michael Flinn

    I bit the bullet and bought SEC tickets and two seats in Molly B’s. Molly B’s and the 100 level clubs are the only places that will serve ETOH. I will want to drink if we win celebrating or if we lose in misery. We saw the 2017 game and the 2-15 games in person. I want to be there for the end of the Bama dominance. I have also gotten reservations in Indianapolis. What you have to watch out for is the non refundable air fare.


  11. Illini84

    Tickets on stub hub start at 508 with fees right now.


  12. cristy jerald

    I have two seats for sale in section 334. Row 23, seats 4 and 5. I have them on StubHub for $600 each, but will sell here for $500. Georgia side.

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  13. Illini84

    Are there any bus trips from athens to the Benz?