Run the damned ball, ‘Bama.

This is worth monitoring during the week:

Alabama tailback Brian Robinson Jr. has a pulled muscle that makes his status for the Southeastern Conference Championship Game against No. 1 Georgia uncertain.

No. 4 Alabama’s coach Nick Saban said Sunday that Robinson sustained a “lower body pulled muscle” in Saturday’s four-overtime victory over Auburn. Robinson was holding his left leg on the ground after a 37-yard carry in the fourth quarter of the 24-22 Iron Bowl win.

“We’ll just kind of see how he progresses during the course of the week and see where he’s at,” Saban said. “I can’t tell you any more than that right now.”

There is a ginormous production gap between Robinson and the rest of Alabama’s backs (“Robinson easily leads the team in rushing with 1,016 yards and 14 touchdowns. Sanders has 50 carries for 221 yards and two TDs.”) and the Tide was already down to three running backs before this news.  If he can’t go, that’s going to make Bryce Young’s life a lot more difficult come Saturday evening.


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  1. Gaskilldawg

    He will play. The question is how effectively he will play.

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  2. RangerRuss

    I don’t expect Bama to be able to run for much against the Dawgs anyhow. Now they’ll be short handed picking up any blitzers busting through.
    I’m going to enjoy seeing Kirby unleash the Dawgs.

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  3. Bulldawg Bill

    Don’t believe a fuckin’ word that weasel says!!!
    A little spit, baling wire and lidocaine and he’ll be there.

    LOOK OUT!!! HERE COMES Texas Dog!

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    • Texas Dawg

      A few weeks back, I made a sarcastic comment. You took it as truth and chewed my ass out. I’m just making sure you don’t suffer the same mistake twice. Not sure I could handle the rebuke again without curling into a fetal ball. Awh hell, I don’t really give a shit, just enjoy busting your balls. GO DAWGS


      • Bulldawg Bill

        I dunno, Tex! Everybody takes a hit here every now and then. You did indeed post the first “Sarcasm Alert.” So just maybe you might want to step back and take a breath. I’m gonna still gonna luv ya’ even if it hurts.
        Let’s concentrate on the REAL enemy!!
        BASH BAMA!!!!!
        fuck’em too!


  4. It looked like a hamstring, which depending on the severity, he probably can’t play effectively through.

    Gotta get home to Young and really, really pop him. Need to get him spooked and I think we can and will.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    According to the broadcasters, the Sanders kid is another top recruit, but had some tough injuries to overcome.

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  6. Illini84

    Kerryon Johnson

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    • NotMyCrossToBear

      That’s who I thought of. Robinson has about 200 carries on the season. Zeus and Cook have about 200 combined.


  7. David D

    I was convinced Georgia had the monopoly on injuries.

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  8. Playing the iron bowl the week before the sec championship is turning into a bit of a liability. Guess they will try and get that game moved next;)


  9. Ran A

    Maybe Bama should move the Auburn game to October. 🙂

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  10. Texas Dawg

    It’s about time someone other than us suffered a significant injury just before a big game.

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    • aim260

      cough cough *DJ Shockley cough cough*


    • Whiskey Dawg

      Yes but this is Alabama we’re talking about. In extraordinary circumstances, Nick Saban is authorized to enter the vault under Bryant-Denny stadium and extract a case that contains the last houndstooth jacket that the Bear actually wore at a game. If you wrap a player’s injury in the jacket, then yell what an embarrassment he is to his mama, Paul finebaum, and the entire state of Alabama; that injury is healed. There’s also something about it unleashing locusts all over Auburn but I don’t think they care about that.

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  11. mddawg

    I hope that’s not the only difficulty Young has on Saturday. If we can get in his face as well as aTm and Auburn did, it’ll be a pretty good day for us.


  12. jdawg108

    It will be hard to play on a pulled hamstring. Those don’t heal quickly and you can’t play through them.

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  13. theotherdoug

    Bama played a tough game with 4 OTs. No way Sanders is the only guy dinged up.

    Meanwhile we feasted on a cupcake….

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  14. Whiskey Dawg

    Alabama’s got that state-of-the-art super secret player conditioning science center. I’m sure Oscar Goldman is looking at Robinson from the other side of the glass. “We can rebuild him, make him better than he was before. Better, faster, stronger”. In other words, I expect to see him on the sidelines.


  15. godawgs1701

    The other guys may not have his stats but if they are running backs at the University of Alabama I’m going to assume that they’re good enough go pick up a 3rd and short when it matters.


    • doubledawg09

      That’s the thing here, they are not good enough. Alabama has five scholarship running backs on their roster. Camar Wheaton was lost for the season before it started. Roydell Williams and Jase McClellan have suffered season-ending injuries. That left Robinson and Sanders as the only healthy scholarship RBs before the Iron Bowl. They have been trying to work in non-RBs, including Slade Bolden, at the position to try and build some depth the last few weeks. Robinson was largely ineffective on short down and distance situations at RB. He is a solid player, but not elite. However, if Robinson can’t go, they are down to Sanders as the only scholarship RB for the game. If you watched the Iron Bowl, Sanders got stuffed on 3rd and short. He also only averaged 2.3 yards per carry in that game. While he was highly rated coming out of high school, he has been injured, including a car accident, and has never really flashed that talent. If he excels against UGA, it will be a first for him…

      In short, if Robinson cannot play, BAMA has a huge problem on their hands.

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  16. uga97

    Bama’s backup RB Williams ranks top 8 among all SEC RBs when sorted by YPC. That’s no slouch to help Out Bryce Young, but regardless our D should still bottle them up. If Auburn’s D-line owned Bamas Oline so much last Saturday, then so should our Dline. Young will be on his back or on the run, all game long.


  17. uga97

    Nevermind, Didn’t realize Williams was out for season. Yea Bama RB Group is not looking good.


  18. If Robinson is out, we are down to Sanders as the lone scholarship RB on the roster that is healthy.