Saban prepares the troops.

Hey, wait a minute — isn’t this what coaches playing Alabama are supposed to say?

“… Hopefully, getting the opportunity to play the No. 1 team in the country, our players will look at it like a real challenge.”

I’ve had weeks to prepare for this moment, and it’s still weird as hell to hear Nick Saban say something like that.


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  1. akascuba

    Nobody knows more about serving rat poison than Saban.

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    • dawg100

      Yeah, his “This is the biggest challenge we have faced” shtick is so disingenuous as to be dangerous to us. It will be OUR biggest challenge by far. A fully focused, in a corner Saban is the most dangerous Saban.

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      • Paul Holden

        We’re not facing “Saban.” We’re facing the most talent-depleted ‘Bama roster since the Mike Shula days, and a beat-up team who has given up more points and squeaked by more games to crappy teams than in recent memory. Georgia will do to Alabama the exact same thing we’ve done to everyone else — and this time there will be no third-string decoys deployed in the third quarter. Simply put, this isn’t “revenge,” this is the “reckoning.”

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Wait – what? Oh yeah! That’s US y’all!!! GO DAWGS!!!

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  3. aim260

    Graham Coffey has me all paranoid about the play of Warren Ericson. Xavier Truss really has outperformed him lately, to the point where I feel like Ericson starting is a liability to the entire offense. I hope that we see more of Truss this Saturday, we’ll need him to get a push in the run game.

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  4. cpark58

    Uh, excuse me Mr. Saban but don’t try to poison us. I have it on good authority, a Mr. Erik from a very esteemed and knowledgeable publication, that UGA is merely a paper tiger who hasn’t anyone and that Alabama is the real superpower.

    All the blowout wins UGA had over then top 15 competition were aberrations and the gritty close wins Bama had against the same teams are the mark of a true champion. Or something like that.

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  5. Whiskey Dawg

    Despite Georgia’s number one ranking, recent history and a lot of expectation puts the pressure squarely on Alabama. Perpetual success generates its own toxic waste.

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  6. classiccitycanine

    Saban knows this is not a great Bama squad. He’s been subtly signaling that for a while now. Hopefully we put them out of their misery in epic fashion.

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  7. The Truth

    I think we’re as much better than Bama than Bama is better than aTM, and yet, we know who won that game.

    My optimism for this season has been grounded in 6 words, 6 simple words, that I could not believe Kirby spoke at the time: “You’re either elite or you’re not.” He never would have said that out loud unless he knew what kind of special team he had. Special wins again this Saturday.

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  8. RangerRuss

    Nothing is a given and I’m sure Saban has a few tricks up his sleeve yet. But he ain’t the fuckn boogeyman and Bama is a flawed and beat up, spent team.
    The Dawgs are fit, healthy and mentally prepared. Nothing exemplified that more than NO penalties at COFH. This team is disciplined and their mind is right. Kirby and his staff have saved a few surprises of their own. They’ll have the Dawgs foaming at the mouth Saturday and I don’t feel as if the Tide has an idea of the vicious intensity to be unleashed on their ass.
    There is a certain amount of payback to be administered and it’ll be a smooth bitch.

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    • miltondawg

      I don’t disagree, but at the same time how many tricks can Saban and that coaching staff have left? They nearly lost to UF, lost a three point game at aTm, won a one score game against Arkansas at home that wasn’t decided until the Hogs’ onside kick with about a minute to go rolled out of bounds, and needed 4 OT to best Auburn (and didn’t score a point in the game until the 4th Q). If anyone has tricks that no one has seen, I would expect it to be Monken.

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    • Russ


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  9. I have never been confident going into a game against Bama. However, this year is different. I’m not saying Bama can’t win this game but I won’t be surprised at all if this gets ugly in the fourth quarter. I feel we are about to witness Saban taking a bigger beating than Clemson gave him a few years ago. I could be dead wrong but I think we win this comfortably.

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  10. Geezus

    I know that Kirby has built the Death Star – East, but until we knock those bastards off, I’m in full teeth-gnashing mode.

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    • RangerRuss

      Let me tell you what pal, I’m already agitated and ready to chew up concertina wire and spit flechettes. I can only imagine how the Men in RednBlack are feeling. Motivation won’t be a problem with this team.

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  11. I am neither a “Disney Dawg” nor am I a negative Nellie. I pretty much epitomize the SEC Shorts “Georgia/Hope” video in this instance. I was in the Super Dome in 1980; I was also in MBS in 2017. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’ll truly believe when the clock is at 0:00 and the Dawgs’ score is higher. Not matter what, though, I am enjoying the ride. Go Dawgs! Beat the Tide!

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  12. Salty Dawg

    Dawgs have got this and will eat gumps for dinner! Our time has come! I need a wall to run through! Is it Saturday yet?


  13. Yet another game in a season of games in which I’ve not once felt anxious. It’s a first for me. I’ve even slept decently well the night before each game.

    Bama is Bama but this is Georgia’s time. I don’t think it’s bravado or unfounded confidence, either. This is the most talented and focused team in a long time and they’ve done what that kind of team should do in every game. I’d claim that “maybe Bama will humble me Saturday” but there is nothing to humble. It’s really just facts at this point.

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  14. Got Cowdog

    2012 I watched Mike Bobo, Third, and CMR get their asses handed to them by a tough, disciplined, well coached, talented Alabama team. Yes, I know it came down to a busted play/ bad decision. Y’all can think all you want that it was close, one play away, whatever. Truth is Georgia got manhandled that game, and the Dawgs were a damn good team. Y’all know who orchestrated that? Your current head coach.
    jaboo, I ain’t worried either. Bama may win, but I’ll be surprised.


  15. J.R. Clark

    It’s funny how the world turns on a decision. Rich Rodriguez turned down Alabama and the Tide hired Saban. Rich Rodriguez WILL be coaching in Alabama next season, at Jacksonville State.