Your Daily Gator has the pulse of Dawgnation.

Shit, Billy Napier hasn’t even had time to decorate his new office, but GatorJosh58 knows we’re already skeered.

I hate to break it to him, but “people of somewhat importance around the UGA program” are rather preoccupied with something else this week besides Billy Napier.


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  1. Yeah, right. Billy Napier is the next coming of Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. I don’t think Kirby has been lying awake the last couple of nights thinking about him.

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  2. practicaldawg

    He’ll have to excuse us if we aren’t immediately concerned with “unproven Group of 5 coach to take on Saban and Kirby in coming years.”

    The best thing new Florida coaches always have is a clean slate against the big boys.

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    • practicaldawg

      On second thought maybe Napier looks so good to gators because he doesn’t already have a losing record to Saban and Kirby coming in like Mullen did

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  3. drunkenmonken

    The UGA mid level booster also said “Morgan Fairchild is my wife but don’t tell her cause it’s a secret, yeah yeah that’s the ticket”

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  4. “Mid scale booster”….as I get older, my level on the scale keeps going up thanks to the holidays.

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  5. RangerRuss

    Fuck Billy Napier and the rest of those motherfuckers.

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  6. gastr1

    Since when does Florida need to validate their hires via approving comments from supposed UGA fans/boosters? I mean, it’s incredibly small-time. As clownish as it is, though, I approve of their feeling it’s what they have to say to make themselves feel better. LOL

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    • billionm16

      My exact thought. Why does that person’s association with UGA carry any weight when discussing their new hire? wtf

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      • gastr1

        So obviously fake, too, as has been said, what real UGA fan gives one crackling fanny fart about what UF is doing to themselves right now. LOL again


  7. Terry McCullers

    Typical gator fans . They can’t see reality because they got their head up their ass!!!

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  8. Texas Dawg

    I’m sure everyone thinks he’s an upgrade over Dopey Dan, but that’s setting the bar pretty low.

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  9. armydawg

    I do hope he elevates the program with hope and promise only to come crashing down when we destroy them again next year and forever more.

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  10. akascuba

    There is no more delusional fan base in this league.

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    • 81Dog

      South Carolina fans would like a word. 🙂

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      • I know a guy who was a third-string D lineman for USCe about 20 years ago. He was ALL IN on the BOOM hire a few years ago. I remember having an exchange with him on Facebook, saying it was a horrible hire, and him giving me all the reasons I was wrong.

        At the time I thought to myself, “Well, he knows more football than me…. so maybe he knows something I don’t….”

        Funny how blind allegiance can doom your analysis…. whether you’ve been “in the arena” or no….


      • akascuba

        Look at their message boards from the last several weeks it might change your mind 81 like it did mine.

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      • gastr1

        Tennessee fans too


  11. Ran A

    The SEC East football world does not revolve around Gainesville, it revolves around Athens. And if everything goes right, the SEC and the College Football world will soon revolve around Athens as well.

    It is remarkable how the Gators view themselves, even after the stretch of games since playing Georgia last year.

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  12. wtm121

    The delusion…it burns.


  13. Biggen

    First, they thought Muschamp was the guy. Then they thought McElwain was the guy. Then they really really believed Mullen was the guy. There is a pattern starting to develop here.

    The odds of Napier being the guy are pretty low no matter what he did at his previous stop. They will give him 3 years and decide he wasn’t the guy and pick the next shiny name out of the hat and that is fine by me. Having a total coaching change every 3 years is great for us.

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  14. Remember the Quincy

    Yeah, that was me, guys. Sorry for the confusion. I was throwing them off the scent by telling him all that. I’m only a low-level booster, too, but don’t tell him.

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    • originaluglydawg

      We’ll have to wait until later this afternoon to tell him because he’s still in middle school and doesn’t get off the bus until four or so.

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  15. olddawg22

    Ok guys I admit it, I was talking with gatorjosh! Hey this hire is the one! We are toast, hope this doesn’t distract Smart from preparing for SEC Championship?
    Sorry just fucking with you joshie!
    And Saban thinks Tide fans are self absorbed!?!

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  16. moe pritchett

    I know Billy personally. Class, character, focus and level headed are all apropos adjectives to describe him and his family; dad, mom, brothers and sisters. To be honest, I can’t say enough good about him. My son played for his dad and I could not have asked for a better HS football coach-rile model for my son and Billy is just like his dad. And Billy will elevate the Florida program because he will give them all the intangibles they haven’t had before: class and character. There is no doubt in my mind that he will change Florida’s present state but he will have to rewire the culture completely. If Billy chose Florida, then he did so with the knowledge and confidence of his ability to change things and great forethought. If the fan base and boosters stay out of his way and actually support him, he can have them at 9 or 10 wins in a couple of years. He can recruit the whole of the southland effectively and the man can coach calmly and focused. I believe he can and will make them competitive, but I also believe UGA is still years ahead of the Florida program at current and it will take him several recruiting classes to be competitive vs UGA. But the rest of the East needs to beware.

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    • moe pritchett

      Auto correct got me….Billy only has ONE sister. And Whitney is an incredibly smart wonderful & beautiful young lady.


    • aim260

      He seems like a good guy and a good hire, but the million-dollar question is this: Can you win BIG at Florida without being a RAGING NARCISSISTIC ASSHOLE?

      Only time will tell… #FTMF

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    • junkyardawg41

      I agree that I believe he will bring stability to a program that hasn’t had stability in years. I also think the hire you describe sounds a lot like a Derek Dooley type of a hire.

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    • PTC DAWG

      So you’re the guy…

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    • classiccitycanine

      Personally, I think it’s a great hire, and I am sorry he didn’t go to LSU where he could have given Saban trouble. The rest of the East should be concerned and the weekly schadenfreude of watching the Gators screw up may be reduced, but I’m still feeling secure on top of the East.

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    • RangerRuss

      Napier being fashioned from good moral fiber and raised right means he won’t be comfortable in the pandemonium of bull gators and psycho trailer trash that is FU. He’ll take a better job if successful and get canned if he doesn’t meet the “gator standard”. 3-6 years and the search for the next Spurrier resumes.

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  17. uga97

    Define “game changer” for us Mr. “behind-the -keyboard-gatorjosh? 60+ yard FG kickers? Triple reverse kickoff returnmen? Heupel copy- cats? Do, please elaborate for us dude..


  18. Texas Dawg

    The SEC East is a 3 tier Division
    TIER 1-UGA. They will continue to occupy the penthouse alone for the foreseeable future.
    TIER 2-UT, UK, FL
    Don’t really see this changing much in the immediate future other than SC MAYBE moving up and UK moving down if Stoops leaves. Even if Napier is a homerun hire, it will take a YEARS of way above average recruiting to even sniff UGA’s butt.

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  19. David D

    I’ll only be convinced that Florida has “their man” when Mike Bianchi produces his obligatory “Just wait until he gets his recruits on campus” article. It’s coming in 3…2…1…

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  20. miltondawg

    I’m old enough to know that deciding now what Napier will or won’t be in Gainesville is a waste of time. Could he be the next Ole Ball Sack or Irvin and win a natty or two? Sure. Could he be the next Muschamp or McElwain or Zook and flame out in 3 to 5 years? Absolutely. The Richt hire in Athens was somewhat of a surprise and he changed the Georgia program for the better and a lot of the success we are enjoying now is the result of the foundation he put together. The same man was heralded as the savior for The U that would bring back glory in the talent rich south Florida environment and he retired after three seasons going 7-6 in 2018. As the Richt era proved, once you fall behind your rival far enough it can be a bear to get things on track. In his first decade Richt had a #5 team that lost to an unranked UF team, a #4 team that lost to a top 25 UF team, a top 10 team that got absolutely run by a top 5 UF team, and other head scratching losses. It will take time for Napier to turn around the ship even if he’s the next OBS or Irvin and that assumes that the AD at UF will give him the time. While I think that Geoff Collins is in way over his head as a head coach in a P5 conference, EVERYONE knew that his job was a five to seven year rebuild since to some extent they were more akin to starting over than just retooling. And yet after three seasons Collins has just had to perform the usual precursor to the HC getting let go in firing the OC, DC and one other assistant. Napier better hope his leash isn’t as short as Collins’.

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  21. This “UGA fan” sounds suspiciously like one of those taxicab drivers Thomas Friedman’s always running into, who just happens to completely agree with him on whatever the thesis of his next column is going to be. Napier seems like a good hire on paper, but I’m not getting worked up over it until he actually wins one in Jacksonville, thanks.

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  22. As Aaron Murray put it, If the guy is so good then why didn’t LSU even look at him?


  23. D as in Dawg

    I guess they’ll be right again someday. Not today!

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  24. D as in Dawg

    I spoke to some mid-level Florida boosters and we both agreed UF sucks!

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  25. A few things…

    Over the past five years, FTMF has an average recruiting class ranking of 10.8, with 2018 and 2019 being their best years. This means their best players, collectively, are potentially anywhere from RSF to C19S on the field, in 2022.

    Billy Napier is credited with getting Tajh Boyd and Vic Beasley to Clemson and Jerry Juedy, Calvin Ridley and a bunch of others to Bama. His recruiting was best in the Sun Belt in 2021, and trending that way for 2022.

    His brother coaches High School ball in LaGrange, Georgia which may help him pluck some recruits as well, just by building some pipeline connections. (Also, Matt has done a great job pulling THAT team out of the gutter and getting them back to playoff football).

    Billy is a solid character and sound technique guy, from what I understand… and that can change a culture quickly. All jokes about the end of their season aside, Florida DID play to within a nut hair of beating the 2nd best team in the SEC, and gave UGA all it could handle for 27 minutes, despite their discombobulation. There is good talent there. They lacked direction. That can spell doom for a team, but can also be corrected quickly.

    FTMF may very well become the undisputed #2 in the East just in time to see the conference split into pods and have to refactor their entire mode of thinking.

    Go Dawgs.

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  26. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Billy Napier may be a good guy and all that stuff. That’s great. What are the odds he is going to be another OBS or Corch or that he can consistently compete with what Kirby has built? Next to nothing. FTMF. This guy will be fired in a few years for not “meeting the gator standard”. He ain’t going to rewire their culture. They are what they are and they aren’t going to change for him.

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  27. godawgs1701

    Looking forward to watching Georgia beat his ass the same way Dalton did when he played at Murray County.

    Seriously, he’s a good coach but I’d have a lot of trouble getting it up for this hire if I were a Florida fan. Then again, I struggle to understand the level of delusion they have about most things. I’m old enough to remember them telling us that Dan Mullen was a genius and was going to humble Kirby Smart.

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    • miltondawg

      Before I finished the first sentence I immediately thought you were talking about Dalton from Roadhouse…

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      Man it last week they were on fire about Lane Kiffin and had decided that was a done deal. Then within a day or two they were all in on Napier and had convinced themselves he WILL win NCs at Florida and will put Kirby out of business recruiting. They have also convinced themselves Dan Lanning will leave Kirby to go and be Napier’s DC in their new coach’s first pantsing of Kirby. From Lane Kiffin to all that in about a day and a half. Yeah I’m sorry but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t anoint this guy Saban II. And I am damn sure not “concerned”.

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  28. bigjohnson1992

    Yeah, is that around 200 lbs?


  29. J.R. Clark

    Dabo and Saban thought the WORLD of him. /s