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I love it when we’re cruisin’ together.

Holy crap.

I repeat:  holy crap!



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Depth, defined



A business decision that’s worked out well for everyone concerned…


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Tastes like chicken

As good as the header is on this story — “The Gator Finds a Place at the Tailgate” — the lede is even better.

The members of Hoppy’s Corner Tiger Tailgate have gathered in some fashion at the same spot across the street from Tiger Stadium for nearly every Louisiana State University home football game since the 1970s. But their tradition of roasting whole alligators didn’t begin until about 12 years ago, as a way of teasing fans of the University of Florida Gators.

Nothing like mixing business with pleasure.


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You were always on my mind…

Stewart Mandel and the Montana Project just can’t quit each other ($$).

It has not been a full five years since your last edition of Kings and Barons, but with USC and LSU poaching coaches from fellow “Kings,” do you think it is time for an update? Also, is there a hierarchy among the Kings, or is this year’s coaching carousel an anomaly? — Chris, Toledo

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 15 years since the original 2007 edition. I came back with updated editions as promised in 2012 and in 2017, so the next one is only a few months away. And yes, given all the changes to the sport, I am considering breaking it into more than four tiers. I guess I’ll have to brush up on feudal societies.

And of course, how fitting would it be if the school that touched off the original idea — whose exclusion from my Kings caused a guy in Montana to film himself quizzing people at sports bars about a football helmet — wins the national championship right beforehand.

That would be fine with me.

By the way, check out his list from 2017.  I’d say it’s in need of some serious revising.


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2021 Mumme Poll, Week 13

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

Wow, the Ohio State loss really changed voters’ minds.  It also seemed to have coaxed more folks back to the voting room, as this week, 315 ballots were cast.  The average number of teams on a ballot shrunk to 6.2, which is by far the lowest of the season.  Minds were made up, in other words.

Here’s out top 25 as we head to Championship Saturday:

And here’s the selection committee’s top 25:

We bucked the trend from recent weeks of correlating more closely.  We’ve got ‘Bama out and Okie State in, unlike the selection committee.   We’ve also got Cinci two spots higher.

As far as time spent, we’re still getting ‘er done quickly.

And without worrying about protocol.

Surprisingly, the conference gap between the SEC and Big Ten grew pretty significantly.

Geographically speaking, Georgia participation increased to over 63% of the total voters, which might explain the bonus question results.

Takeaways from Week 13:

  • One voter left Georgia off their ballot, ending the 100% streak.
  • For the first time in a while, there are three teams in Tier One (appearing on over 90% of the ballots cast).
  • With Oklahoma State being the only other team over the 75% threshold, we’ve pretty much selected a playoff field going into the conference championships.
  • Note that only five teams made it to at least half the ballots cast, although Notre Dame was close.  After the Irish, there’s a huge drop off.

We’ll have one more vote next week and that should wrap things up for the season.  Thanks for the continued support in voting.  (Although I suspect Georgia’s excellence has been a good motivator in that regard.)


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Southern Cal is back, baby.

One thing I’ve got to say about Lincoln Riley at Southern Cal is that he’s not wasting any time giving the finger to the NCAA.

If you need a translation…

Manning is still on Oklahoma’s payroll.  He was out recruiting with Stoops at the same time he was reaching out to Domani Jackson!  Aside from that being absolutely bad form, it’s an NCAA recruiting violation.  Just ask one of Manning’s employers.

The popcorn’s gonna be mighty tasty watching this play out.  Of course, by the time the NCAA gets around to dealing with Riley, he’ll probably already be at his next job.


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“Are you elite, or not?”

When he’s not working the white board, Dan Lanning’s out there rallying the troops.

Go get ’em, D.


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Today, in making it up as they go along

Are you shitting me, Gary?

It’s not like I care about Notre Dame, the program, and, given the way the current selection committee rankings are, it’s likely that this will turn out to be a moot issue, but to tell the players suiting up for ND who’ve bled and banged all season, “sorry, we decided to block you from the CFP because Brian Kelly’s a greedhead” seems like a less than optimal way of doing it for the kids.

Although I would enjoy watching Barta deliver that message in person to the team… well, mainly I’d enjoy watching the team tell Barta where to stick his protocol.


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“COFH will be known as clean old-fashioned embarrassment until further notice.”

Holy crap, if you ever wondered what it would be like for a Georgia Tech football blog to turn on Coach 404, look no further than this:

GT has a tradition of coaches who do more with less, but now we seem beholden to one who does less with more.

… No sane GT fan expected to win on Saturday. But the flow of that game felt like some high school administrator had mistakenly scheduled a 7A powerhouse versus a 1A struggler to open the GHSA season.

The whole piece is relentlessly brutal — with stats!  Read it all; you don’t have to be an advanced stats guru to get the gist of how lopsided the whole affair was.


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A winning personality

Evidently, to know Dan Mullen is to love him.

David’s qualifier doesn’t help as much as he thinks.

Bad first impressions will kill you on the recruiting trail.  Sometimes, you only get one crack.


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