2021 Mumme Poll, Week 13

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Wow, the Ohio State loss really changed voters’ minds.  It also seemed to have coaxed more folks back to the voting room, as this week, 315 ballots were cast.  The average number of teams on a ballot shrunk to 6.2, which is by far the lowest of the season.  Minds were made up, in other words.

Here’s out top 25 as we head to Championship Saturday:

And here’s the selection committee’s top 25:

We bucked the trend from recent weeks of correlating more closely.  We’ve got ‘Bama out and Okie State in, unlike the selection committee.   We’ve also got Cinci two spots higher.

As far as time spent, we’re still getting ‘er done quickly.

And without worrying about protocol.

Surprisingly, the conference gap between the SEC and Big Ten grew pretty significantly.

Geographically speaking, Georgia participation increased to over 63% of the total voters, which might explain the bonus question results.

Takeaways from Week 13:

  • One voter left Georgia off their ballot, ending the 100% streak.
  • For the first time in a while, there are three teams in Tier One (appearing on over 90% of the ballots cast).
  • With Oklahoma State being the only other team over the 75% threshold, we’ve pretty much selected a playoff field going into the conference championships.
  • Note that only five teams made it to at least half the ballots cast, although Notre Dame was close.  After the Irish, there’s a huge drop off.

We’ll have one more vote next week and that should wrap things up for the season.  Thanks for the continued support in voting.  (Although I suspect Georgia’s excellence has been a good motivator in that regard.)


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10 responses to “2021 Mumme Poll, Week 13

  1. Who in the world left UGA off their ballot and why? I am assuming it was pure oversight.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    One voter left Georgia off? So Eirk Evans voted in the poll? I like what we did, putting Oklahoma State ahead of Bama.

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  3. I would like to go on the record as saying (as I have in past years) that I think conference championship game LOSERS should be excluded from the CFP.

    That’s right, I mean if UGA loses to Bama, even in a close one, I don’t think we should be included.

    By the same token, there is no possible scenario under which Bama should make the CFP if they lose in the SECCG. Even if Michigan and Cincy and OK State also lose.


  4. siskey

    Senator, you made the Mandel mailbag again.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I would like to thank whoever left UGA off their ballot because now CKS can tell the team that they are not elite yet.

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  6. Oversight, or there is an enemy among us! 🤔


  7. Gaskilldawg

    if Dabo Sweeney was our coach (perish the thought) that one miing vote would lead to a tirade about how no one respects Little Old Georgia and no one thinks we are any god, blah, blah blah.