A winning personality

Evidently, to know Dan Mullen is to love him.

David’s qualifier doesn’t help as much as he thinks.

Bad first impressions will kill you on the recruiting trail.  Sometimes, you only get one crack.


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26 responses to “A winning personality

  1. When even Urban Meyer thinks you’re an asshole…yiiiikes.

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  2. One the one hand, this is completely believable. On the other hand, Urban is the most disingenuous, pathological liar of a coach I’ve ever seen. Tough call.

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  3. David D

    It’s a good thing Dan can dance.

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  4. Another thank you should go to the liquor barons for keeping McGarity from giving the steering wheel of the football program to Dopey/Goofy.

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  5. “Context Y’all “ where was all this new found context for the last few seasons as the sports media built up Dopey to be the best offensive mind since Heisman?

    Shit, now the folks are quoting demonic parables from 2007…they weren’t running that up the flagpole for the last few years as Darth Dipshit did press interviews in costumes, and worse.

    Dan is a joke and so are the ahole writers for not calling him out on his bullshit when it mattered.

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  6. bulldogbry

    Is this the same book that is adorned with “it will forever be burned in the memory of Urban Meyer”?


  7. Ran A

    Meyer talking about how much he grew in maturity and a person, because ‘you know’, Urban is such a great guy with strong morals, where honesty and strong people skills just permeate from within.

    These two really do deserve each other… Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to the next OC for the Jax Jaqs.

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  8. Faltering Memory

    Reflecting on the often told line about Will Rogers “never having met a man he didn’t like”…he just never met Dan MuLLLLen.

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  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oy! Talk about throwing stones from a glass house.

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  10. stoopnagle

    Now I’m sad


  11. thunderdawg42

    How do Florida fans seriously consider themselves in the upper echelon of college football when one of their primary rivals poached the winningest head coach in Notre Dame’s history, while they took…the head coach of that same rival’s little brother?

    Lincoln Riley to USC is big boy football. Venables to Oklahoma would be big boy football, just as Smart to Georgia was. Even Muschamp to Florida was a quality move by a program with cache. Napier may work out, but the hire lays plain the hierarchy for all to see.

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  12. Texas Dawg

    So this just confirms what we already knew. Dan was, is, and always will be a weird, arrogant, narcissistic, asshole.

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  13. ugafidelis

    I’ll take, “A line of bullshit for $200” Alex.

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  14. Spell Dawg

    [rummages through brain] Where’d I put my shocked face?!?

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  15. So you’re saying Mullen goes to Notre Dame….

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