“COFH will be known as clean old-fashioned embarrassment until further notice.”

Holy crap, if you ever wondered what it would be like for a Georgia Tech football blog to turn on Coach 404, look no further than this:

GT has a tradition of coaches who do more with less, but now we seem beholden to one who does less with more.

… No sane GT fan expected to win on Saturday. But the flow of that game felt like some high school administrator had mistakenly scheduled a 7A powerhouse versus a 1A struggler to open the GHSA season.

The whole piece is relentlessly brutal — with stats!  Read it all; you don’t have to be an advanced stats guru to get the gist of how lopsided the whole affair was.



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24 responses to ““COFH will be known as clean old-fashioned embarrassment until further notice.”

  1. timphd

    Self awareness can be brutal.

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  2. I was pissed that we didn’t get a TD on that first possession. Tech is so damn bad right now.

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  3. All kidding aside, tech developing some self awareness is the first step to actually stop being an embarrassment.

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  4. dawg100

    This was brutal squared:

    Jordan Yates got the start over an apparently available (but certainly not fully healthy) Jeff Sims. It was his sixth start of the season, but he was not able to produce any threat of a passing game. As shown in the advanced box score above, Yates’s average pass travelled less than 4 yards past the line of scrimmage, but even more telling, his average completion came 2.5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

    He didn’t complete a single pass before garbage time that travelled ten yards in the air, and his CPOE came in at nearly -30%, a season worst mark for either GT quarterback. Once again, Yates certainly wasn’t helped by his protection, as evidenced by the 42% pressure rate. But even when not pressured, he lost nearly a half point of EPA per drop back. Despite his best efforts, he was completely overwhelmed by the speed, physicality, and instincts of the opposing defense.

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  5. Anon

    “The Collins Error”

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  6. Down Island Way

    As always, thank you Senator for all that you do, I’ve moved on from nerdfootball to that team from alabamia, I want to keep these precious moments of my life vs reading anything concerning the north avenue fucking trade school and their hipster wannabe hc…

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  7. JaxDawg

    It’s taken them this long to be embarrassed in the COFH rivalry? That’s rich.

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  8. Collins never seemed like a worldbeater hire, to say the least, but I did think that by year 3 he might have an outside shot of kludging his way to 6–6 and a bowl invite. Instead, the Tech program looks weaker in every phase of the game than it did when he came on. After his “effort” (if you can even call it that) against Georgia, I don’t blame Tech fans for wanting to fire him out of a cannon.

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    • They lost four games by a combined 17 points. They’re certainly within striking distance of a winning season. Scott Frost gets all kind of credit for Nebraska’s moral victories, but Collins gets shit on.

      The situation Collins inherited is miles away harder than Frosts’s.

      Damnit, now y’all have me defending that douchenozzle.

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  9. That was a sobering and beautiful read. Taking the Drought away is truly in this program’s sights now. I guarantee you Kirby is very aware of this and probably wants that as much as every one of us want it.

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  10. GA Tech has a football team? I thought it was just an engineering school, like MIT or something. 🧐

    I typed it last week, their fans were working their way through the stages of grief and some had finally hit the acceptance stage. Sounds like more are having epiphanies, bless their little bug hearts.

    Tuck Fech and that jalopy they rode in on.

    Go Dawgs

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  11. Daaaaang…impressive self aware takedown. Not sure if a dawg fan could do better but to be honest, all dog fans have reached the point of not even giving Tech a second thought. My favorite of the piece was the quotes around “highlights” damn that was funny.

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  12. godawgs1701

    Geoff Collins didn’t even pretend to attempt to win that game Saturday. From his very first offensive play it was clear that his entire strategy was to try to lose by less than 70. Congratulations, you succeeded.

    Watching Georgia Tech football in Year 3 is akin to watching Georgia basketball in Year 4 under Tom Crean. Whatever the rebuilding plan for Crean was, it clearly didn’t work and in his fourth season he is quite literally starting from scratch as all of the players who meant anything to the team last year and a lot of the ones who didn’t bailed out. Why did UGA keep him? The buyout in his contract. Well, Tech also got conned into a bad contract with Geoff and they can’t afford to fire his ass, but after seeing his first Yellow Jacket squad in person and now seeing his third (as well as seeing quite a bit of them on television in between) I have to say they appear to have gotten worse. Their best player is a talented running back who is now in the transfer portal – we will see if others follow him out the door. The recruiting appears to be abysmal. The plan is difficult to discern, other than being a clown on social media and wearing a dumb looking vest at all times. Coach 404 needs to be 404’d on the Flats – I sure hope this article isn’t an indication that Tech is in danger of figuring that out.

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    • miltondawg

      I don’t think Tech can afford to buy out his contract with four years left on it. The Collins Error didn’t just include hiring him in the first place. It also included giving him a seven year deal. I understand that getting anyone to take that rebuild job from scratch meant giving them a long term deal, but for a cash strapped AA like they have it really ties them to someone that has the distinct possibility of leaving the program in worse shape than it was when he took over.


  13. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Awww… you might be convinced to feel bad for the Bugs after reading that…

    … if you didn’t remember a good portion of their fanbase wasn’t over on StingTalk hoping and wishing our guys had massive injuries to derail our season.

    Frak those nerds!!!

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    • RangerRuss

      There it is, Corch. The venom, hate and insults spewed from those people offsets any sympathy illicited by their sorry ass excuse for a football team.

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  14. “The defense managed to not stuff a single UGA running play before garbage time and got pressure on exactly one pass play, when Mike Lockhart jumped in to assist a Jordan Domineck sack that netted a loss of two yards. Not to worry, UGA went for 17 on the next play. ”


    “In case you didn’t remember the last time GT suffered such excruciating defeats in back to back weeks, that’s because it hadn’t happened since 1903.”


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  15. DawgFlan

    My 10-year old was making fun of the staffers jumping around with their “$ down” signs. Geoff’s schtick is… not good:

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  16. archiecreek

    How can you take a corch that wears Capri pants seriously??
    Having said that, watching them implode is priceless.
    There were NO posts from NATS people proclaiming Clean Old Fashion Hate prior to the game this year…NONE!
    They knew they were in for a Clean Old Fashion Ass Whoopin!!

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