Chasing the NIL bucks at Texas

Them boosters, they just here to hep.

Shuley announced Wednesday a new partnership called the Clark Field Collective to help facilitate NIL opportunities with Texas athletes.

Shuley said prominent donors, Austin business leaders and Texas exes like Kenny Vaccaro, T.J. Ford and Juliann Johnson will help oversee what’s starting out as a $10-million commitment. The goal is simple: to have the largest fund in the country dedicated to NIL activities for Texas athletes.

“My old roommates way back in the day were some UT basketball players. I’ve always been around sports and know what goes on,” Shuley said in an interview. “How do you figure out how to bring people together on this, and looking at it from a bigger picture, how do you take something like that and take it to where it benefits the kids and the greater good of the university?”

Doing it for the kids remains undefeated.  But ten mill?  Do you really need that much just for promoting opportunities?

Asked about the perception the Clark Field Collective is just a way to pay athletes, Shuley demurred.

“You can’t control people’s perceptions, and people are going to say what they’re going to say,” Shuley said. “This is just a way to let fans, donors know this is a way that’s going to be safe for the athletes. This is how we’re going to approach it.”

Some people, man.


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18 responses to “Chasing the NIL bucks at Texas

  1. ASEF

    $10 mill for a coach, $10 mill for an indoor practice facility, $10 mill for the buy-out on the last coach, $10 mill for NIL…

    College Football Fever. Fund it.

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  2. Derek

    Somebody’s gotta make sure the third team right guard tells recruits that “if you come to UT, you’ll be taken care.”

    “Keep it down home cuz” is now the law of the land.

    Shame Pat Dye didn’t live to see his business model embraced.

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  3. Ran A

    A&M has some awfully deep pockets too. This will get interesting fast. Have one more prediction for you too. If Sarkasian doesn’t work out, I fully expect Texas to buy a team. Coach, Coaching Staff and one that can bring at least 10 to 12 starters with him, promising NIL Deals – the works.

    They’ll spend $20MM a year on the coach and an easy $10MM on other coaches and staff – maybe as much as another $20MM. No way that fan base is going to live at the bottom of the SEC year in and year out.

    We the way the rules are set up now – the rich will get richer… Just the way it is boys and girls…

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    $10 million is tip money in Texas.

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  5. The NIL financial “end around” the rules is vastly worse than just figuring out a rev share with players. This is going to be grotesquely abused with so many players getting scammed. Ugh.

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  6. Somewhere out there, right now, a Class of 2029 5-star recruit is sitting in his school lunchroom with his Mom and Pop and his Pee-Wee League coach, getting ready to announce his commitment. When the TV lights flash on and the men from the press ask him why he chose the University of Texas, was it because of the tradition, the educational opportunities, the chance to play for an SEC title, he’ll say naw, man, it’s all about the money.


  7. GruvenDawg

    Will be interesting once the Power 5 makes rules for the Power 5. I gotta think the NIL/ paying players is going to be a real discussion amongst those conferences.



    So 10 million is your limit?


  9. whb209

    Another name for for this is “bag Men”


  10. Texas Dawg

    Once again Texas Boosters ride to the rescue. They always show up with a tanker full of gas to help put out the dumpster fire.

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