On the downward slope

A saw a reference somewhere about Alabama’s rushing game over the course of the season, so I thought I’d head over to cfbstats.com for the deets.  It ain’t pretty.

And Brian Robinson is a game time decision on whether he plays?  Woo, boy.  If ‘Bama wins today, Bryce Young is the man.



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  1. originaluglydawg

    It ain’t pretty.
    It’s beautiful!

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  2. gurkhadawg

    I kinda wish Robinson wasn’t hurt. That way Bama may actually try to run on us. NOBODY can run on us. Now, I think the Bama brain trust has been working all week on a wide open passing attack. They know running will be impossible. This at least gives them a punchers chance. I don’t think it will work but should make for an interesting game for a while. At least until our defense adjusts and we shut them down.

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  3. Ran A

    It’s even worse than it loos. So against the three SEC foes in November, they averaged 63 yards a game.

    They drew LSU (6 as in (six net yards), Arkansas (112 yards) and Auburn (71 yards) and New Mexico State (247 yards) during November. Robinson had 18 yards in the LSU game.

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  4. Bama’s running game will be screens and fly motions and such, I think. Use the outside skill players and keep ahead of the chains. Gotta get us moving sideways to find creases…because just lining up and banging will be incredibly difficult for them.

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    • This. And would you agree that there’s actually very little Bama could have done this week to “change” things? Don’t you sort of have to go with what you’ve got, but just decide to emphasize something you already have than invent new plays, install them and practice them?


      • You can change your tendencies. You can tweak protections and personnel. But a whole-sale change in a few days is pretty difficult.

        Great programs, though, have sets and plays they could employ which would feel like a change. The thing is, one of the best changes they could make, would be to an even more pass-heavy offense not built off play-action… but their OL struggles in straight pass sets.

        Or, they could have practiced their 10 best plays ad nauseum all week, against different looks and coverages, and perfected them.

        There are ways to coach around deficiencies, and the best coaches leverage what they have for each game. Unsure if Saban has the pieces on this one, even if they perform at optimal levels.