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Gratitude only gets you so far.

Sam Pittman’s gonna bring a gun to a gun fight.

Honestly, I’m surprised Sexton wasn’t already repping him.



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Two stats

In case you were wondering, after last night’s fiasco, Georgia’s net ypp dropped from 3.39 to 2.94.

Also from last night, third down conversions:  Alabama, 7-14; Georgia 3-12.


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Picked Six

And there it is…

… aka “Kirby Smart’s chance at redemption”.


UPDATE:  Prime time.


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Smart’s big decision

Like we didn’t already know that from yesterday.

Look, I’m not here to crap on Stetson today.  He’s not the reason Georgia lost yesterday.  As Graham points out with this stat…

… overall, he wasn’t awful.  The problem is, he simply isn’t built to pick a team up on his shoulders and chase the other side down.  That was painfully apparent in the second half as the margin widened and both the playcalling and Stetson’s style of play changed to adapt to the circumstances.

Had the defense kept the game from becoming a shit show mid-third quarter, Stetson may very well have been able to do the job he’s been capable of doing all season.  But once Georgia had to abandon the run for good and commit to the passing game, Alabama was able to run the Clemson playbook on defense with good success.

As for what Daniels could have done under the circumstances, well, remember who the quarterback was when Georgia played Clemson.  Also remember who’s been getting the bulk of the reps with the first string in practice over the past couple of months.  There’s no reason to think JT would have made enough of a difference once the Dawgs were in that third quarter hole.

And that’s Kirby’s big decision.  Assuming Georgia is in the playoff field, Alabama looms large in a rematch.  If you’re Smart, do you roll the dice on your defense playing better, negating Stetson’s shortcomings, or do you assume you’ve got to win a shootout and change your starting quarterback?

And before you make that call for him, ask yourself one other question — what if Stetson being the starter isn’t merely about the value of continuity in the midst of a winning season.  What if Stetson has consistently outperformed Daniels in practice since he became the starter?

This is why Kirby is paid the big bucks.  The good news is that he’ll have the better part of a month to figure out an answer.  The bad news is that he still has to figure out a way to beat Nick Saban.


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Luck of the Irish

You gotta hand it to the selection committee.

While Brian Kelly’s departure obviously shook up the college football landscape, it also could have potentially hurt Notre Dame’s College Football Playoff chances. After Notre Dame opted to promote defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman to become the team’s next head coach, CFP committee chairman Gary Barta has acknowledged that the move will likely help Notre Dame in playoff discussions.

“We met last night as a committee as we got the weekend underway, and we talked about Notre Dame, the continuity, the quickness [of hiring Freeman to replace Kelly],” Barta said of Notre Dame on College GameDay Saturday morning. “And I can tell you, it is still part of our protocol, but based on our conversation last night, I’d be really surprised if it factors in at all in the conversation evaluating Notre Dame.”

With three teams a seeming lock in the semifinal field, if it comes down to Georgia and Notre Dame for the final slot, what’s the committee going to do?


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So… Kirby let loose with this in the post-game presser:

If we’re not supposed to interpret this as mere coachspeak, what, pray tell, does this team need to be awakened from exactly?  More importantly, why?  You’re playing Nick Saban’s Alabama, ‘fer Chrissakes, and you weren’t mentally prepared for that?


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Week 14 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

A lot of you are gonna have fun with this, amirite?  Here’s the link to vote; as always, get it in by midnight tomorrow.

This will be the last MP vote of the season, so make it count.


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An artist’s depiction of my state of mind, aftermath edition

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It’s not that Georgia isn’t a good team.

It’s that Georgia isn’t capable of beating Nick Saban.


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