Gratitude only gets you so far.

Sam Pittman’s gonna bring a gun to a gun fight.

Honestly, I’m surprised Sexton wasn’t already repping him.


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20 responses to “Gratitude only gets you so far.

  1. Munsoning

    ADs seem to give football HCs whatever they want and more, so it seems like Pittman is bringing a gun to an, I don’t know, stick fight? Do ADs even have weapons in this analogy?

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  2. With all due respect to Nick Saban—and certainly after last night there’s plenty—there’s a case to be made that Jimmy Sexton is the most feared man in college football. That dude controls more money than most congresspeople or CEOs, much less athletic directors or conference commissioners, could ever dream of.

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  3. Ran A

    LOL – so much for that I’m a Hawg forever… Now it’s I’m a Hawg forever; don’t forget to pay me…

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  4. Down Island Way

    Mr. Sexton response was Ye$$$$ $iirrrrrr…

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  5. spur21

    Guess Kirby called his old friend Sam and said you deserve much $$$ call this number.

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  6. Illini84

    Joe Brady got fired.


  7. otto1980

    Pittman going bowling in Tampa for New Years. Awesome reward for him and as a bonus for UGA fans hopefully he takes James Franklin to the woodshed. Go Hogs!

    Take a day and have a beer on the beach on the 2nd Sam. You earned it.

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