So… Kirby let loose with this in the post-game presser:

If we’re not supposed to interpret this as mere coachspeak, what, pray tell, does this team need to be awakened from exactly?  More importantly, why?  You’re playing Nick Saban’s Alabama, ‘fer Chrissakes, and you weren’t mentally prepared for that?


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  1. gurkhadawg

    I would prefer a little more fire. Something like. “I just want a shot at Alabama in the playoffs, I guarantee fucking tee you that shit won’t happen again!”

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  2. Maybe the song selection here should’ve been Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai.

    Kirby is one stubborn SOB, and that might be his downfall.

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  3. junkyardawg41

    I think your question is more than fair.


  4. dawgsaregods

    Kirby after a win: Grumpy, short with reporters, telling you about all the ways we’re still not good enough.

    Kirby after a loss: Mr. Positivity, everything is fine, I just love my guys so much.

    From a psychological perspective, this makes perfect sense, of course. Kirby doesn’t want his players getting too overconfident when things are good or too dejected when things are bad. And this isn’t meant to be a criticism — it’s just a funny thing I’ve noticed about Kirby. He seems genuinely more upbeat after losses, even bad ones like yesterday.

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  5. munsonlarryfkajim

    We lapped up the Rat Poison for a couple weeks. We weren’t the only ones. Corso was about the only person I saw to pick Alabama. This result should have been obvious as soon as the iron bowl ended

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    • Skeptic Dawg

      ^^^This is the correct answer. The Alabama players were told they could not win this game for an entire week following the Iron Bowl. As we feared, Saban was able to shore up his O-line in one weeks time and that was one of the major differences in the game. I asked serval Dawg friends this week if a lose in the SECCG would diminish their view of the regular season and the overwhelming response was no. I am wrestling with this today. I want to have faith moving forward, but it is rough. I do not think we will ever beat Saban.

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  6. Salty Dawg

    A wake up call for Kirby! Let’s hope he answers!

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  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    What should he have said? Still in the emotion of the game, without reflection or deliberation time?

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    • 123 Fake St

      How about “I had a fucking awful defensive game plan and choosing STETZIE over the other three QBs was a massive mistake. I had 10 games to get someone prepared for Ala-fuckin-bama and I chose the worst fucking guy in the fucking SEC. “

      I’d fucking transfer if I’m in that QB room. Fucking pathetic!


  8. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    I think Kirby said that because he didn’t know
    What else to say. He knew people did not want to hear the truth which is, “I don’t know. We thought we were ready and we got our ass kicked. None of us saw this coming. I don’t know what we could have done different.”

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  9. theoriginalspike

    We need to wake up against Bama in the SEC Championship?

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  10. RangerRuss

    The Dawgs, Team and staff, watched Bama the entire season the same as we all did. Bama looked like shit until they didn’t. The Dawgs looked
    unbeatable until they got their ass kicked. Plenty of blame to go around. Hell, I blame myself.
    There’s no reason to believe the Dawgs can’t get their shit together and play the next two games like the first twelve. I’m talking about the D. The O is who I always thought it was.
    Never quit.

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    • RangerRuss

      While we’re on the subject of mailing it in? “I’m Only Sleeping” is not the Beatles best effort. Still better than yesterday’s SECC game.

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  11. PTC DAWG

    Things are rarely as good or bad as you think they are.

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    • Unless you’re a Bama fan, in which case life is always wonderful during football season. I’ve often wondered what that must feel like.

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      • RangerRuss

        It feels cold when the duct tape breaks loose and the trash bag covering the beer bottle-busted trailer window is flapping in the January wind.
        Football is all those Gumps have.

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  12. thenewandimprovedtronan

    I really thought we’d left shitting the bed behind. And it wasn’t just players not executing, it was the coaches too. Why it took 35 minutes of game time to change the defensive scheme is mind-boggling. And, while SBIV didn’t lose the game, it was obvious he wasn’t going to win it either. It almost certainly would have been too little too late but JTD really should have been in the game after the pick six. I know many other observers – paid and otherwise – would have put him in before that. They wouldn’t have been wrong.

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  13. Also, how does he know that 10 minutes after the game ended.


  14. Just a few days ago I was remarking about how, for the first season in as long as I could remember, we hadn’t had one of those Annual Inexplicable Georgia Losses—you know, the kind where we look completely unprepared and either a) lose a close one to a terrible opponent [e.g., Vanderbilt 2006, South Carolina 2019] or b) get absolutely manhandled by an opponent we should’ve beaten, or at least been competitive with [South Carolina 2012, Auburn 2017]. I remember thinking that that spoke to a sense of focus and team unity we’d never quite achieved before, things that meant this might finally be the year we got over the Alabama hump.

    Now I’m wondering if we just waited to take that inexplicable L until the SEC championship. Maybe what Kirby was trying to say was that we’d been getting a little high off our own supply in recent weeks—particularly the last two, where we rolled over consecutive opponents without ever having been even slightly challenged—and being undefeated with a generational defense still doesn’t guarantee you a win over anyone if you don’t put forth 100% effort. But if that was the team’s mindset, then good Lord, Kirby, how could you and your staff not have sensed that and nipped that in the bud before the freaking SECCG? I almost wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to have somehow gotten played to the wire by Georgia Tech, as embarrassing as that would’ve been, because it would’ve been the “wake-up call” we apparently didn’t realize we needed. Alabama definitely got that wake-up call a week ago against Auburn, and, well, we can all see how that might have paid off for them.

    Sorry for the blog-post-length comment. Just trying to vomit all my thoughts out at once so I can minimize the number of times I have to go back and relive last night—it’d really be nice to not have to think about this again for a while.

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    • While I find it fair to criticize Kirby and the teams preparation and mental mindset, I want to point out that Bryce Young just played balls out. He was on fire and looking like Joe Burrow out there but with faster wheels. If he sustains that level nobody will beat him. Also, I have no fucking clue how you can just ‘fix’ an offensive line like Bama did. Guess that’s why Saban is the GOAT. So yea, some of it is on Georgia, but most has to do with Young and Sabans masterful turnaround of his offensive line. Now if you will excuse me while I lay on my back staring at the sky while Lucy, fresh from pulling the football out from under me a hundred times, reads from her list of Bryce Young accomplishments during this game.

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  15. californiadawg

    Why, with the exception of Bowers, was there no consistent sense of urgency from anyone, coaching staff included. Why are players talking about a lack of urgency during practice this week. Why did Bama come out the gate with their hair on while we just gingerly jogged onto the field. Why was Jordan gassed so early. Why were there no adjustments on defense until it was way too late. Why not follow the blueprint LSU and Auburn provided you (unless Lanning was too distracted all week interviewing for OU). Why do we have no plan B for a game we were obstensibly prepping and recruiting for all off-season. And why why why do you not throw JT out there when it was clear we weren’t coming back.

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  16. uga97

    So now its “Either you are elite, but with low energy or high energy, or you’re not?”

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  17. brtdawg

    When I saw that OK ST lost I texted my group “even if we win tonight, bama is still getting in. We’ll have to play them again and the most Georgia thing ever would be win the SECCG and then get gut punched by bama again in the natty”. For whatever weird reason, it’s almost a relief that scenario is off the table. I’m glad the WTF game is done and we’re still alive. We’re capable of coaching and playing better than yesterday. And we’re capable of beating this bama team. Hoping we’ll get a chance to prove that. Would be a helluva story.


    • gastr1

      I’m about out of hope with Georgia football. Just can’t continue to to do this whole build up and crash thing, it’s (emotionally) worse than just being shitty, IMO. I’m ready to go back to the mid-90s and not give a shit.

      Tell me I’m terrible, it’s fine, you’re right. Sorry. I can’t this anymore.

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  18. W Cobb Dawg

    The D coaches had 1 job, stop Young. They were totally unprepared for Young and that’s a fricken disgrace. I feel bad for the players because their coaches really let them down. Broyles award my ass.

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  19. ASEF

    “Sleepy” doesn’t come out of the gate and ring up a quick 10-0 lead.

    You posted last week about maybe defenses figuring Young out. I pointed out SEC DCs do this to QBs, figure out preferences and weaknesses, take away those preferences and force them towards their weaknesses. And that’s where the real test of a SEC QB begins.

    Well, looks like that LSU debacle made Young better. And then the Auburn debacle made Young better again.

    He was seeing and hitting open guys last night that he wasn’t seeing in those two earlier games. His deep ball is much better than mid-season. Lanning threw a lot of the LSU and Auburn stuff at him. He handled it this time, knew where to go with the ball.

    The big questions for this team were its secondary against a very good QB and it’s offense on passing downs in a tight game. Welp. Questions no longer.


    • Dude, I’m not the one who mentioned the game being a wake up call. If you don’t like Kirby’s choice of words, don’t blame me.

      As for tactics, you and I saw a vastly different game. Georgia came out on defense like Georgia has all season. ‘Bama came out in the first two series and used them to size up tactics. Once they realized that they couldn’t run up the middle, but that the o-line was holding up well against the pass rush, they changed their playcalling and were off to the races.

      Auburn got five sacks in the first half of the Iron Bowl because Mason was very aggressive with the pass rush. I didn’t see that from Lanning until the latter part of the third quarter, when it was too late.

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      • gastr1

        Sometimes I think Lanning and Smart think they have shit all figured out and adjusting just isn’t necessary. I’m happy to hear evidence to the contrary.


      • whybotherdude

        This sums up my opinion of the game from a coaching point of view. Once they got punched in the mouth it took to long to regain their footing. Bama had more than one game plan and adjusted according to how UGA was playing. UGA had one game plan and waited to late to adjust.

        The team seemed to relax after going up 10-0 and dropped the edge they played with all year. Once they got down they played hard for a while but seemed to concede once things really started to get out of hand. They did not quit but lacked the energy and fight they had showed all season.

        On who to play and start in the playoff, like you said that is what Kirby gets paid for but I feel nothing will change. The leash should be a lot shorter on Bennett going forward but not sure how Daniels has looked in practice.


        • Bama has more than one game plan.

          Unfortunately, the coaches with the team in white jerseys only had one, and with the QB situation, our style of offensive play was out the window after the defense let us down through the 2nd and early 3rd quarters.


      • ASEF

        I was agreeing with you on noting Kirby’s “sleepy” reference.

        I think Lanning hit the Auburn/LSU button a couple of times, and Young had an answer. I also think Lanning and Kirby legit thought their standard pressures were probably good enough to win enough reps against what has been a very leaky line. LSU and Auburn got away with it because Young didn’t see some wide open guys.

        I saw a mix of pressures early, desperation late. And a Bama offense that dialed back it’s risk/reward play calling when they were up 14 then 21 and down a receiver.


      • scottg818

        I read the “wake up call” being that we weren’t as great as we thought we were, and Bama was better than we thought (we being the players, and maybe even some of the staff). I look at us breaking out to a 10-0 lead and really outplaying them in the first quarter as a sign that we didn’t come out flat/unprepared.


  20. Classic Kirby. It’s like Jim Donnan and Loran Smith all over again, except everybody is Loran Smith.

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  21. classiccitycanine

    It’s quite possible that the “wake-up call” is just coach speak. Otherwise, we’ve been sold lies about the quality of this team’s leadership. There really shouldn’t need to be a wake up call for the SECCG against Bama. I think the people who need the wake-up call are the coaches, starting with the head man himself.

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  22. 69Dawg

    They better wake their butts up for Michigan, they aren’t the big slow B1G team we have grown up with. They have a heck of an Oline. If our Dline had problems with Bama’s worst Oline on record, we might be in a little bit of trouble.

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  23. charlottedawg

    It’s just coach speak but the honest assessment would be “frankly when you’ve lost 4 straight to them each by a larger margin than the last you’re out of ideas. I as the head coach have no clue how to beat Nick Saban, I am his bitch. Now I’m going to put on a brave face so the guys don’t completely give up on me like Dan Mullens guys did to him.”


  24. stoopnagle

    Not sure what he is supposed to say there. The alternative isn’t promising.