I didn’t think I could laugh about Saturday night, but I was wrong.

That last line slays.


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  1. Salty Dawg

    “I lied to my coach and told him I ran a 4.3…” Funny shit right there!

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  2. akascuba

    That’s certainly funny thanks for posting it.

    Hopefully the next one he’s wearing a Bama shirt asking how did you dumb ass fools believe Georgia was really that bad in the first game. All that tripping over their own feet shit with that Ray Charles pass coverage. They just wanted to whip a B10 team too before embarrassing you clowns.

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  3. Ringo…yikes. Maybe he’s had a neck injury that has prevented him from EVER looking for the ball.

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  4. jim1886

    Love the post, Thanks.
    Not yet over Saturday.
    Our offense was about what our offense is.
    However, could someone help me understand what happened with their offensive line and our front 7?


  5. whb209

    That would be funny, if it were not so true.


  6. SSB Charley

    Coach 30 is my favorite guy to follow on twitter right now. Always funny.

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  7. marshesofglynn

    Coach 30 has been the highlight of this season. Peters, Charles, and Davis. Always Davis!


  8. Michigan ain’t a gimme. Let’s not talk about the rematch quite yet.

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  9. Got Cowdog

    Got dam Senator. That was harsh.