Pirate booty

Amidst everything else that went on this weekend, you may have missed this:

Leach faces the school he still insists cheated him out of $2.4 million when they fired him?

That first presser is gonna be lit.  It might be better than the game itself.


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14 responses to “Pirate booty

  1. Winner gets the utility she’s.


  2. In a world where nearly every non-playoff bowl game is unwatchable garbage, this one at least has some exciting drama to look forward to. 🙂


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe Craig James can come back as color commentator for the game…

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  4. Hope Leach drops 60 on ’em. He’s a weird dude, but I still can’t believe TTU sided with a gang of idiots like Craig James & Co. over the winningest coach in their program’s history.

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  5. Faltering Memory

    For some odd reason I was listening to Packer and Durham during a conversation between them about Craig James running for senate in Texas, One of them brought up a poll which showed that only 20% of the voters knew who CJ was. The kicker was that 100% of those who knew who he was didn’t like him.

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