Stewart Mandel’s ultimate matchup

Man, the folks in Montana have to be going nuts over the helmet vs. helmet scene coming to the Orange Bowl:

Suppose we went to, say, Montana. And suppose we found 100 “average” college football fans (not necessarily message-board crazies, but not twice-a-year viewers, either) and put them in a room. If I held up a Michigan helmet, my guess is all 100 would know exactly what it was…

But if I held up a Georgia “G” helmet, how many of them do you think would be able to identify it off the top of their head?

I hope the announcers will help with that.


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5 responses to “Stewart Mandel’s ultimate matchup

  1. Ran A

    15 years ago – some validity. Not so much so today. They should run the survey again and see how that would shake out.

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  2. Trying to think why I’d GAS what the people in Montana think…

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  3. Seriously. Who cares what Montana sports fans think? College football is played in the south.

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  4. akascuba

    In 2007 probably15 years later who knew Michigan still had a football team.


  5. junkyardawg41

    Does Hoppy still live in MT? Seems like a part 2 dream come true — for us all