When the narrative turns

Man, it didn’t take Dennis Dodd to jump off the bandwagon.

That 40-year-old itch at Georgia just got … itchier. A magic season is now stamped with more question marks than The Riddler. That’s how long it’s been since the Dawgs won a national title. That’s where this discussion has to start. Every time Georgia gets to this point, something seems to go wrong.

The defense that choked off everything was exposed against the Tide. Bennett was made a passer which means things did not go well. Is J.T. Daniels waiting in the wings? Will he start the Orange Bowl semifinal? There, just lit up Twitter for you.

Suddenly, the team of destiny in this semifinal is actually Michigan. It has the goods to stifle Bennett and an underperforming Georgia offensive line. Defensive end Aidan Hutchinson (14 sacks) just might be the best defender in the country. Teammate David Ojabo has 11 sacks himself.

Michigan just seems like a cuddly, feel-good story. There is Harbaugh Karma. The goal is to get back to Indianapolis for the title game where Harbaugh’s name is on the Colts’ ring of honor inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

I’m sure Saban won’t mind lending Kirbs the media disrespect story for a couple of weeks to use as a motivator.  It’s not like he’ll be needing it.


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17 responses to “When the narrative turns

  1. beatarmy92

    Well Dodd isn’t alone.

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  2. Ask Will Anderson and his Heisman campaign how “underperforming” the Georgia offensive line is.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    How much did we miss Adam Anderson in this game? I realize one man doesn’t make the Georgia D but we could have used his elite pass rushing skillz on Saturday. Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference with that soft as charmin (zone) D that looked so lost as if they had been dropped in the okefenokee with no compass and no hotline to call okefeenokee Joe for extraction but it sure would have been nice to have had another elite weapon.

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  4. debbybalcer

    Sadly in today’s culture they build you up to tear you down. I am disappointed but I do not see a repeat of the SEC championship happening again. Having perfection being the only way you enjoy your football team makes for fandom that deserts its team when they encounter adversity. I am still proud of you team.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    So Michigan has 2 Will Anderson’s? Maybe they can teach their QB to have an all-time record performance like Bryce Young in the next 3 weeks.

    I’m pissed about Saturday. But not dumb enough to start shoveling dirt on our grave.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    It’s what I worry about. Bennett was completely exposed for what he is, just like in last year’s Bama game. Will it change anything in Athens?

    My guess is no.

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  7. David D

    Why not get Brock Vandagriff ready if there is some unknown issue with J.T.? It’s not unprecedented for a freshman “QB in waiting” to save the day in today’s college game.

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  8. pantslesspatdye

    Deep down inside, we all feared Alabama’s passing attack all season long. I have no answer for why their offensive line performed so well, but I digress.

    I love the Michigan matchup. We will see Alabama again this season.


  9. ASEF

    Hutchinson’s good, but he’s not top 10 in any category that I can find.

    I’m really curious to see some of these conferences stepping out of conference play over the next month. Looking forward to bowl season.


  10. The Decider

    Son Volt has a great version of this song.

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  11. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    paint it black

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