Today, in the Herbstreit Doctrine



You knew Herbie’s panties were going to be in a wad seeing Cinci make it into the CFP field and his beloved Buckeyes not, so the sarcasm falls especially flat.

Even better, he’s getting his ass owned all over social media right now.  Too bad it won’t affect his influence.



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14 responses to “Today, in the Herbstreit Doctrine

  1. I’m glad Cincinnati made it in but only because they’ve toppled UCF as the most insufferable, conspiracy theorist fan base.

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  2. RangerRuss

    I figure the Dawgs are responsible for three of the four teams making the CFP. First themselves for being the best damn team in college football. Secondly Cincinnati for playing them so close earlier in the year and giving them some legitimacy. Last and least Bama for not stomping a mudhole in their sandbagging ass and sending them back across the ‘Hooch to watch the playoffs on TV with their trashy, entitled fans.

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  3. Kirk Herbstreit in 1920: “Well, look at that, women are voting all over the country! Guess the broads will have to come up with some other CRAZY CONSPIRACY about how they’re not allowed to participate in government…”


  4. Jack Klompus

    He’s exhausting. Im pissed that he and Fowler are calling our game. People think they’re great; but they’re awful. They never shut up and all they do is interject meaningless tidbits. “Stetson Bennett once was told…” “Jordan Davis was a 3 star…” “Kirby Smart once intercepted Peyton Manning…”. I’d take Danielson all day over these two.

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  5. Down Island Way

    Mr Doug…Agent Herbstreit does not approve of your message nor your tactics…


  6. Whiskey Dawg

    I see a new Disney movie, Herbie, The Buckeye Bug. He can be the new voice of the VW in a charming updated version with a, Death Race 2000 twist. How many American Athletic Conference coaches will he need to run over to get TOSU to the playoffs? Beth Mowins can star as his sidekick, Pit Stop.

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  7. uga97

    Karma is a bitch. +Herbie got 2 SEC teams, OSU’s biggest rival Michigan, and a non power 5 to discuss the next 30 days. That’s his personal worst nightmare. Just for ratings & an Eastern Timezone kick in the pants, ESPN got 2 total P5s represented in the CFP no body west of the Mississippi.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Right on! Shit, I could have told you that Turdstreet was a biased commenter without all the hullabaloo. He demonstrated that to Dawg fans when he singlehandedly kept us from the playoffs in 07

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  8. Did tOSU even make a bowl game? I really haven’t noticed…nor care.

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  9. CB

    I really wanted to play Cincinnati and go full Hawaii Sugar Bowl 07 on their ass in a game that matters, conversely if they hung tough or God forbid beat us they would get some real respect around CFB.


  10. CB

    I kind of love that his trolling the G5 trolls now. Lol. This is gaslighting at its finest.


  11. ASEF

    This is social media in a microcosm.

    The idea of a G5 making the playoffs is fine, and advocating for it is fine.
    The people advocating for that idea the loudest tend to be annoying as hell.
    Which invites annoying people Kirby to blow hot air back.
    And that’s how A Reasonable Idea then becomes a Tiresome Mud Fight between Opposing Annoyances.

    You can flip those middle two bullet points if you like. I’m not pretending to weigh in on “who started it.”


    • ASEF

      Huh. All this time, and I never knew that formatting trick. Was just trying to put in bullets. Learn something new every day.