Alex, I’ll take Target Rich Environments for $200.

Just another day on the Plains.


UPDATE:  Not with a bang…


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23 responses to “Alex, I’ll take Target Rich Environments for $200.

  1. uga97


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  2. I don’t care for Auburn

    And hopefully the NCAA doesn’t either

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  3. akascuba

    Auburn sucks!

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  4. godawgs1701

    “Auburn told us to go F ourselves so we had no choice but to go F ourselves. Auburn is awarded a playoff berth as a thank you for their lack of cooperation.” – The NCAA Committee on Infractions

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  5. Vinnie Nicastro? Big East?! When the Mafia gets in your business you better be ready for enforcement Auburn!

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  6. whb209

    Nothing here. Move on.

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  7. cowetadawg

    At long last, the full Cam Newton details. I’m sure the NCAA will declare Cam ineligible for further collegiate play.

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  8. CB

    Was there any information as to what led to the NCAA ruling ? All I’ve seen are descriptions of the penalties with no reference to what the violations actually are.


  9. Illini84

    Fuck Bruce Pearl

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  10. 81Dog

    Wow. 2 whole games for Pearl?

    The NCAA is so mad at Auburn that Cleveland State will probably get a 10 year tourney ban, now.


  11. The Rifeman shoots Aubrun square in the kisser.