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About that gap…

Just inject this tweet directly into my veins…

Go Gata!



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Tape don’t lie.

If it makes y’all feel any better…

… Kirbs is seeing what we’re seeing.  The difference is he’s the one who’s gonna have to decide what to do about it.


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A little Dabo’ll do ‘ya

Tell us you’re losing more in the transfer portal than you’re gaining without saying you’re losing more in the transfer portal than you’re gaining.

Chaos, I tells ‘ya!  Mass hysteria!


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Today, in attention seeking

Nothing like promoting a non-decision…

If they’re going to float a little NIL money his way, he ought to do one of these every week until NSD in February.  Hey, it works for ESPN and the selection committee, amirite?


UPDATE:  Just a tease, I guess.


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Official signing day post

I could have posted this last night, because International Date Line and all.

Signing day came early in Australia, my friends.  Brett, g’day to you, mate.

Okay, anyway, as this tweet from Seth indicates, there’s plenty more to come today.

Perhaps most noteworthy, it appears Smart is about to sign a defensive back class for the ages.  Given what just occurred in the SECCG, that’s not a moment too soon.

I’ll try to update things here as I can, but feel free to contribute in the comments.


UPDATE:  First one of the day is in.


UPDATE #2:  Next!


UPDATE #3:  Incoming!


UPDATE #4:  Gotta like having a QB named Gunner.


UPDATE #5:  Speed at receiver.


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It’s the day when I have to pay attention to recruiting.

So, heading into early signing day, I decided to take a peek at how things are stacked up on the commitment front in the SEC.

And, my mind, she is blown a little.  According to the 247Sports Composite, Florida is bringing up the conference’s rear, and it ain’t close, either.  Only seven commits and an average score that’s lower than all but two other programs.  Yikes.  As we used to say about Mullen, they’re gonna have to build a bigger transfer portal.

The other thing that jumps out there is the huge gap (you knew I was gonna use that word, right?) between the top three and everyone else.

To put it into sharp relief, check out Jeff Sentell’s math.

That’s a national comparison, but looking at SEC level, those three schools have a combined total of 11 five-star recruits as of this morning.  The rest of the conference?  Four.  That is how you dominate.


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When is an amateur not an amateur?

When it comes to the transfer portal, silly.

The transfer portal is a contentious issue among those in the coaching ranks. Several have publicly described it as college football’s version of free agency. West Virginia coach Neal Brown, a member of the AFCA board of trustees, tells SI the portal should include closed and open periods, similar to professional leagues.

Berry has suggested the portal be open for a few weeks after the regular season, close again and then reopen for a few more weeks after spring practice is complete.

“It’s free agency. Admit it and identify what it is,” Brown says. “Just like in a professional model, there is a time period for free agency. There are windows for free agency.”

Junior is even more direct about it.

“I don’t think people really say it this way, but let’s not make a mistake: We have free agency in college football,” Kiffin said. “The kids a lot of times go to where they’re going to get paid the most. No one else is saying that, maybe. But the kids say ‘This is what I’m getting here from NIL.’ “

Just Like Coaches!  Clap, clap!  Clap, clap, clap!

The point here isn’t the hypocrisy — shit, that’s approaching shooting fish in a barrel levels these days.  It’s that these guys aren’t even bothering any more to pretend there’s some sort of holy amateurism protocol to defend.  Collectively, they’re going to be Exhibit A in discovery for the next antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA.

That’s what happens when control freaks lose control.


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Auburn’s former head coach is getting dunked on from all quarters about this tweet…

and rightfully so.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy, what really gets me is this is coming from the same guy who won a natty with a quarterback who was widely assumed to have enrolled at Auburn because of $180,000 being thrown around in his father’s direction as an incentive to sign.

I dunno.  Maybe Gene just thinks offensive linemen aren’t worth that kind of money.


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Today, in the sky is falling (again)

I’ve already posted about how there’s considerable pushback on the early signing date, to the extent that today’s action may be the last of its kind.  Because, you know, it’s a real crisis.

“The current model is completely broken,” Berry says. “The idea of keeping the current model is ludicrous.”

“Completely broken” apparently means panicky athletic directors are having to hire and fire earlier than they’d prefer, for the worst of all possible reasons — to attempt to save a recruiting class.  What’s hilarious is that the change was made in significant part to make life easier for football coaches.

The early signing date is chief among the issues to figure out. Officials created it to accommodate coaches, recruits and their families wishing to end the recruiting process. Why recruit a committed player for an extra two months? It wastes time and money, coaches said. The early period also avoids the chaos of January, which turned into a last-ditch effort for coaches to flip committed players.

Which brings us to the quote of the year:

“There have been some unintended consequences with the early signing period,” Lyons says. “It’s been a good thing for these kids to commit early and sign. The bad part is it forces coaching changes earlier.”

This will be one time when they make a change and don’t claim they’re doing it for the kids.

I’ve said this for years and it remains true every time they screw around with a signing day schedule:  just get rid of signing day altogether.  If a school makes an offer and a kid wants to commit, let him sign on the dotted line then and there.  Leave in an exception if a head coach leaves before the kid enrolls, if need be.  In any event, doing this ends the farce we’re seeing now.

Of course, as is usually the case with college football, that’s a solution that makes too much sense to actually adopt.


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