A little Dabo’ll do ‘ya

Tell us you’re losing more in the transfer portal than you’re gaining without saying you’re losing more in the transfer portal than you’re gaining.

Chaos, I tells ‘ya!  Mass hysteria!



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44 responses to “A little Dabo’ll do ‘ya

  1. The Decider

    That statement can’t be good for recruiting.

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  2. miltondawg

    Clemson is reeling right now. Between their recruiting class not being up to par with classes in recent memory and kids leaving the school in the wake of the OC and DC leaving, Dabo is facing a moment that will define his career. And what does he do when things aren’t going well? Publicly talk about his dislike of NIL and now advocate for a return to rules that would require sitting out a year. Seems like a winning strategy to get the kids that you need.

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    • Anon

      That and his penchant for wanting to recruit borderline walk-on talented jimmy tryhards like himself and coach up the slow white boys like that meathead MIddle Linebacker he has. He sees a bit of himself in them. Fuck Daboo

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    • Harold Miller

      This reminds me a of bit by Firesign Theater. “Forward into the past.”

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  3. SlobberKnocker

    That man is digging his team/program such a hole that they may not get out for a long time. All his quotes about the portal are out there and will be used against him.

    And the loss of Venables and Elliot made his job even more difficult and I believe Clemson is headed for some dark, dark days.

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  4. JaxDawg

    He should adjust his salary down to the level of a typical university employee just to make it clear how serious he is about education.

    Dabo…the living embodiment of “good for me, not for thee.”

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  5. While Dabo whines, Kirby signs.

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  6. We’re getting ready to find out if Dabo is the quality of head coach everyone claims he is or if he’s the same guy who was on a warming seat before Deshaun Watson showed up.

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  7. rigger92

    Pity the kid that happens to step foot on his lawn.

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  8. godawgs1701

    I’ll say this for him, he’s consistent. Every public statement that the man has ever made is anti-player empowerment and anti-player enrichment. And with that being the case, I find it simply mystifying that Clemson recruits as well as it does. The man’s living room pitch must be out of this world if it convinces that many top flight athletes to go toil for a man who publicly says that he doesn’t care if they benefit from their talents beyond tuition and honestly would prefer that they didn’t.

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  9. Ran A

    When he lost his coordinators some of the committed recruits told him that they were going to take visits. He told them that if they were going to do that then they needed to de-commit – so they did! They were sitting with close to a Top 5 class and it just dropped like a stone.

    Don’t let anybody kid ya… Behind that ‘aw-shucks’ and ‘ Love the Lord’ (and I hope he truly does) – is a MASSIVE ego that tends to bite him in the backside. (That and how he negative recruits like nobody’s business).

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  10. ASEF

    Clemson projects to be at 75 scholarship players after ESD. That includes the walk-ons who got schollies, Dabo’s “culture guys” (2 stars who fit his profile of… let’s be honest, reflections of what he likes to think he was at that age), plus 2 coach kids.

    Imagine handing out counters, which should be precious to a program competing at this level, to the kids of a couple of multi-millionaire staffers as basically a vanity plate.

    But blah-blah like the stuff above is how Dabo deflects from all that.

    If he really had a solid culture that stood apart from all the others, his program could handle transfers. Indeed, it would stand to be a primary beneficiary. Dabo’s position isn’t that of an idealist – it’s the position of a BS artist.

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  11. RangerRuss

    Yes, it’s true. This man has no dick.

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  12. uga97

    His Agent never tampered with IPTMAY (Ten Mill) either. Gosh, to think he should have to work hard for that cash now…it’s just too hard. I am sure Wake Forest is so sad for him.


  13. So Dabo? Man of your word? Fine…looking forward to you sitting every Portal player you get for a year so they can focus on their education. Bravo sir!


  14. originaluglydawg

    The Portal giveth and The Portal taketh away.
    Right now, talent is pouring into the few top programs.
    Once you trip up and miss and get off track (Tennessee, Texas, FSU) that talent flow trickles to a near stop and it’s hard to get it going again.
    Right now, as UGA fans, we’re in the catbird seat, but not very long ago, UF and Clemson were. Things can change with one or two misfortunes.
    I believe for Auburn, this is a pivotal year. They seem to be having misfortune upon misfortune falling upon them and they may be the next UF. UF has crashed and burned (bless their hearts). Tennessee may have extinguished their dumpster fire and is also at a pivot point. They seem to have one foot out of the woods, but it could go either way. South Carolina is on the upswing but with a low ceiling. So is KY. LSU may be the exception to the rule that it takes many years to turn things around. They have Louisiana locked down.
    But Dabo needs too much. He needs to poach from Georgia, NC and Florida to feed his program. I don’t think he can do it. He just got lucky with CMR’s lack of focus on Watson and Goldie. Kirby can’t get them all, but the best will flow to the top teams and Clemson may not be there anymore. I hope this is right.

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  15. stoopnagle

    For big schools, education is taking a backseat across campus to revenue generation.

    Of course, if Dabo wants to cap coach’s salaries then let me know.

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  16. godawgs1701

    Man, now I’m sitting here hoping Deion Sanders can use some Barstool money to flip a Clemson recruit because I really want to see Dabo’s press conference after that!


  17. practicaldawg

    Tell me your title run is over without telling me your title run is over

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  18. mg4life0331

    Dude was barely above .500 without Venebles. So shall he return.

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  19. gurkhadawg

    Who else is old enough to have actually used Brylcream as a young boy? “Brylcream, the girls will all pursue ya” Talk about effective advertising, that jingle has stuck in my head for around 60 years.

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  20. Texas Dawg

    I have no problem with him not liking the portal and NIL. I have my own thoughts on where it is leading us. The problem is that the powers that be have now decide what the rules are, and as a HC it is pure dereliction of duty to not utilize the tools given to you that all your opponents also have. If you loved the 55MPH speed limit, are you still going to drive 55MPH after they raised it to 70MPH. If they change holding from a 10 yard to a 15 yard penalty and you disagree, will you ask the refs to only step off 10 yards when your opponent is guilty of the infraction? Don’t like it? Then work to change the rules or get out of the game. At the very list stop bitchin from the top of your soap box.

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  21. classiccitycanine

    Dabo has built a very strong successful culture in Clemson. We’ll see how well that culture survives its biggest test to date. I’m guessing he’ll have to adapt or die as Nick Saban does.

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  22. Joe Blow

    “Education is like the last thing”….well,duh. Clemson is known for its football “scholars “.


  23. RangerRuss

    Clemson sucks.

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