It’s the day when I have to pay attention to recruiting.

So, heading into early signing day, I decided to take a peek at how things are stacked up on the commitment front in the SEC.

And, my mind, she is blown a little.  According to the 247Sports Composite, Florida is bringing up the conference’s rear, and it ain’t close, either.  Only seven commits and an average score that’s lower than all but two other programs.  Yikes.  As we used to say about Mullen, they’re gonna have to build a bigger transfer portal.

The other thing that jumps out there is the huge gap (you knew I was gonna use that word, right?) between the top three and everyone else.

To put it into sharp relief, check out Jeff Sentell’s math.

That’s a national comparison, but looking at SEC level, those three schools have a combined total of 11 five-star recruits as of this morning.  The rest of the conference?  Four.  That is how you dominate.



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33 responses to “It’s the day when I have to pay attention to recruiting.

  1. Migraine Boy

    Will we get another ‘crootin trophy for the Buttsmear today?


  2. ugafidelis

    Any ideas why Travis Hunter committed to FSU?


  3. theotherdoug

    James Coley doing his thing at TAMU.

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  4. Maybe a little deeper look into recruiting, like how many of the five stars are going to be on defense vs offense. Kirby’s style of coaching is already costing dividends on the offense. O line three and fours, WR three and fours… name one true WR at Georgia who would have started for Alabama since Kirby has been here (other than Pickens). We’re showing great numbers (number 1 class baby!), but overall we’re losing the race. Let’s just hope we win the next two and can reframe the conversation, or it’s only going to get worse on the o-side.


    • Fire Kirby Smart!

      Jesus, fella, these kids haven’t even set foot on campus yet. Why don’t you save the hand wringing until they start working out with the team, at least?

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    • voxdawg

      Atta boy, Eeyore.

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    • theotherdoug

      I’m glad you said this. We’ve got Pickens and Bowers that would start at receiver for Bama, but that’s it!!!!! Sure that would be half of Bama’s starting pass catchers. but we should have all of them. Amirite?


    • Texas Dawg

      In this recruiting cycle according to 24/7 there were only TWO 5 star WR. They both stayed “home” with Burden to Missouri and Preston to TAMU. That’s IT. Hard to sign 5 stars when there are that few and even harder to pull them from the home area. Notice ‘Bama didn’t sign any 5 star receivers either, nor did anyone else.
      The OL I will admit is a little worrisome, but the other than that, it looks pretty well covered with 5 stars and very high 4 stars with a few 3’s sprinkled in across the board.

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    • rigger92

      If my kid was a WR or QB I’m having him playing for Monken. Why is it so easy for everyone to forget how good he is?


    • Darin Cochran

      We’re “losing the race…” ?? This is..uh, a joke right? No offense man, but I think our O recruiting is looking great from where I’m sitting; I’d take Stockton at QB and Robinson at RB over any recruit in the nation. And you can put down the WR recruiting because of our low star count vs Bama’s if you wanna, but just go look at the stats for Cole Speers. He’s only a 3 star guy, but HOLY COW….this kid had 1200 yds receiving as a senior and ran a 4.38 in the 40! He put up 310 on the bp, that’s pretty dang good for a 185 pound WR. Those numbers dwarf some of the numbers I’ve seen from alot of the ‘4 star’ and even a few of the ‘5 star’ WR recruits. I’m putting my faith in our recruiters that they know what they’re getting with some of these kids even if they ain’t got the ‘star’ power. Ladd McConkey was only a 3 star guy, but he’s a freshman AA this year. I think we’re gonna be just fine. JMHO


      • James A Mercer Jr

        And, I respect your humble opinion…those stars only partially indicate potential..a lot can happen when you hit a nutrition table and weight room combined with good position coaching. Our WRs are all well positioned for great college careers so just cool it on that subject. You’re right…our recruiting staff with analytical input has a lot of credence with me. Go Dawgs…the future looks bright!!


  5. Texas Dawg

    Tyre West to 10RC is a shocker. We all pretty much knew he was flipping, but this was way out of left field. EVERY recruiting service had him flipping to FSU. Shows how predictable 17 year olds are.


  6. spur21

    Gators heading to the bottom faster than the Titanic.

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