Auburn’s former head coach is getting dunked on from all quarters about this tweet…

and rightfully so.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy, what really gets me is this is coming from the same guy who won a natty with a quarterback who was widely assumed to have enrolled at Auburn because of $180,000 being thrown around in his father’s direction as an incentive to sign.

I dunno.  Maybe Gene just thinks offensive linemen aren’t worth that kind of money.



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  1. Gaskilldawg

    I am old enough to remember when baseball free agency began in the 1970s. A bunch of folks said the same things back then about how it would ruin the game. The value of the franchises has skyrocketed since then and it is still popular with the fans.


  2. Self righteous, perpetual victimhood that he feels justifies his actions, no self awareness, hides behind religion every time he is criticized.

    He and Auburn really were made for each other.

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  3. Biggen

    I do see the point he is making. Teachers, firefighters, and policemen in my county get paid about $44k starting salary. That is pretty bad considering what they do for living. Now we are giving 18 year old students free education, free healthcare, free room and board, and 5 – 7 figures a year for nothing more than playing a dumb game??

    But… I’m too much of a raging capitalist to ever want to do anything about it. I am believer in free market and if this is what the market will bear, I’m for it in the end. Even if I think the market is ass backwards sometimes.

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    • I agree with you. The question at its core is supply and demand. In theory, there’s plenty of supply for people who can do the job of a first responder, and the demand is for just enough to cover the need (I don’t have to have a group of first responders who are truly the best). With an athlete (college or pro), there are only a few athletes who can do the things they do and the demand is through the roof.

      The laws of economics are just as strong as the laws of physics. We may not like the outcome with professional athletes earning more than teachers, or entertainers earning more than first responders and members of the military, but that’s the way it is.

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    • Derek

      The owners of the market will eventually and inevitably identify their own inability to function within one responsibly and insist upon the sorts of guardrails we see in the professional leagues. Salary caps, rookie contract limit’s, franchise player tags, etc… If it weren’t for these anti-market, market controls the professional sports leagues would implode. Some similar restraints upon trade will head our way eventually. I hope we find that eventual destination superior to the now abandoned amateurism model.

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      • junkyardawg41

        And as repeated by us numerous times, no longer necessary to put up the facade of “student athletes.” Just call them employees of a UGA sponsored semi professional team.


  4. MGW

    Any ole tub-o-guts can run interference while The Great Cam Newton earns his $180,000 check.


  5. Derek

    The real irony is the apparent glee to which many have in joining and normalizing what has been Auburn’s long term business model.

    If I was going to adopt a model for nationwide application, the barn would be the last place I’d be looking for one.

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    • junkyardawg41

      I love this. “If I was going to adopt a model for nationwide application, the barn would be the last place I’d be looking for one.” And yet, here we are. SMH.


  6. uga97

    Dayum Chiz who is his employer again? And why did he have to up and go pull a Herbstreit the eve of signing day?


  7. miltondawg

    Says the merely average former head coach that rode to a national championship on the back of a quarterback that his boosters allegedly bought…his hypocrisy knows no bounds.


  8. jim1886

    I love college football.
    The coaches have long had the freedom and the money.
    The Universities roll in millions.
    It usvtime the athletes make money and have freedom as well