TFW you’re about to sign the best recruiting class ever

Hey, if you were Jimbo, you’d be laughing, too.


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19 responses to “TFW you’re about to sign the best recruiting class ever

  1. Doggoned

    Money appears to be flowing through the NIL window like shit through a tin horn.

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  2. RangerRuss

    To paraphrase Dom Deluise, we should all be thankful for the sleazebag Jimbo Fisher. If it wasn’t for him being a sleazebag then maybe we’d be viewed as the sleaziest sleazebag.
    Jimbo Fisher. What a fuckn sleazebag.

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  3. Illini84

    Urban gone

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  4. Derek

    Someone’s not laughing:

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    • Oh my Laner. Just wait for Jimmy Sexton to start getting guarantees into NIL contracts with buyouts…you know, like those you’ve profited from. BTW, does Nick know you stole his Coke bottle?


  5. theoriginalspike

    Without Jameis Winston Jimbo Fisher would be washing cars right now.

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  6. I’m no Jimbo fan, but it’s nice to see someone who is part of the system acknowledging the reality.

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  7. theotherdoug

    So, how is the new legal NIL deals going to impact Auburn? If it’s not a bag of money, then why would anyone go hang out on the plains?

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