That cannon isn’t going to fire itself.

Give Shane Beamer credit.  He’s already got PFF buying in.

Dude who was benched in favor of a true freshman quarterback leads gritty underdog to unexpected greatness?  I’m starting to get the feeling we’re heading into a long offseason, y’all.



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  1. gastr1

    Goldurnit, I thought DAN MULLEN’S FLORIDA was going to take over the East. (Wait, this is 2021? oh, wrong year, sorry)


  2. Derek

    When is it not a long offseason?


    • Down Island Way

      Should UGA football bring home that big ass trophy, let this off season last a loooooong time…

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      • godawgs1701

        Exactly. Major League Baseball can stay locked out for the next few years as far as I’m concerned so the Braves can take a nice long victory lap and if the Dawgs get that big ol’ gold trophy then I don’t care if we ever play again. LOL


  3. beatarmy92

    In their (somewhat) defense UGA will have a ton of guys leave for the NFL.


  4. practicaldawg

    USCjr has traditionally been where broken 5* head coaches go to finish their career. Why not broken 5* QBs?

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  5. Has Auburn announced who their Heisman candidate QB is yet?

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  6. Ran A

    Win the East? Oh my goodness…


  7. If you watched QB1 Cocky (w/Rattler) you can’t say you weren’t warned.
    Rattler=Garcia 2.0?


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Can” is doing some heavy lifting there. Somebody had to say it. 🤷‍♂️

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  9. moe pritchett

    Oh. You can bet the coots gonna be running that dick skinner all summer.

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  10. Supposedly Rattler was a major attitude problem at Oklahoma this past season. Don’t know how much of that is the truth and how much is just Sooner sour-grapesing over his subpar performance, but it bears watching.


    • Biggen

      Go watch his QB1 series. The guy was nothing more than a conceited jerk.


      • godawgs1701

        I was about to say, after seeing QB1 I would have been shocked if the kid was anything but a locker room problem. The stories I read out of Oklahoma had the players basically turning cartwheels when Williams took the job away from Rattler.

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  11. ASEF

    Rattler doesn’t see the field well, he tends to telegraph his intentions, and he’s got a slow wind-up. As poorly as that served him against B12 DBs, it’s really going to be a problem against a few SEC secondaries on his schedule next year. Matter of fact, his first 4 exposures in conference will be Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas AM. Picks, picks, and more picks.


  12. godawgs1701

    The Cock Rattler has already done the impossible – he snapped Oklahoma’s Big 12 Championship streak. LOL But yeah, no, I’m sure he’s going to be the answer for the University of South Carolina. Hell, he may end up being the best quarterback ever to suit up there and they’ll still probably be 3rd in the East.


  13. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    PFF does some pretty good work in the NFL, but their statistics for CFB are almost always downright terrible because unlike the NFL, CFB demands more context. ESPECIALLY about QBs.

    In CFB, so many QBs that PFF say are great play in dummy offenses where the coaches do all the pre-snap reads, protection shifts, and play changes for them, and then post snap, they have only 2-3 reads to make before they’re supposed to take off running. That’s why so many of these PFF-approved “can’t-miss” CFB QBs fail spectacularly in the NFL.

    PFF remains a good resource for the NFL, but take anything that they say about CFB with a boulder of salt.


  14. theoriginalspike

    The Cocks and Rattler both deserve each other. Pass the popcorn..