Random late night thought

Have you ever considered what a Venn diagram composed of “people who think there are too many bowl games” and “people who criticize players for skipping bowl games to prepare for the NFL draft” would look like?

Me, too.


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  1. stoopnagle

    Sometimes, people are predictable


  2. I don’t think there are too many bowl games. I think there are a lot of bowl games in which I have zero interest. I don’t like that guys skip their bowl games, but that’s their prerogative.

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  3. psyopdawg

    In the end? Powerpoint Death. Especially for the author

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  4. ASEF

    “And then were none…”

    Sad, sad day every year when the bowls are over.

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  5. Down Island Way

    Independent GTP won’t survive, you just can’t bring to many bowl games into the world of skipping bowl games, ya know what happens then, worlds collide…ya gotta’ keep those worlds apart, you’re killing independent GTP…


  6. Derek

    Add a circle for those who watch/listen to any, i.e., “too much” sports commentary shows and you’ll have both of those circles neatly inside.

    As someone who deliberately attempts to achieve as near to zero seconds of exposure to sports commentary shows as possible, I really couldn’t give a rats ass whether there a thousand bowls or a thousand opt outs and/or who or why anyone is bitching about either of them. Its truly blissful and I highly recommend you choose the same path.

    Of course, if you just need to hear what Skip Bayless has to say about whatever, then carry on.


    • Holol Iday

      I use the same sports-commentary-avoidance strategy (it’s like poison for understanding the game) and it is truly, truly amazing how often the web tries to tell me ”What Paul Finebaum said”, including every time I look at SP+. They seem to be able to figure out everything else about me, yet “consistently navigates away from the annoying troll like he’s the plague” is a mystery to them.

      If anything, they should tell Paul to start posting fantastic songs…


      • Derek

        Paul knows NOTHING about football. NOTHING.

        He’s a conventional wisdom barometer who doles out as little as possible terms of substance save that which will trigger certain unstable fans who will call and make asses of themselves.

        He makes money off of college football fans passion, period. He is an entertainer not an analyst.


  7. Texas Dawg

    With the push for expansion and players (and coaches) skipping out on teams right before bowls, I suspect the days of the bowls as we know it are soon over. I suspect that the bowls will be the rounds of the playoffs in a bracket like the FCS in the not-too-distant future.


  8. Russ

    I’ll take “What is a circle?” for $200.

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  9. Ozam

    Was that a payote-induced rumination?


  10. Russ

    Speaking of which, get ready to kick off bowl season at noon eastern/11 central with the Bahama’s Bowl (Middle Tennessee vs Toledo), followed by the Cure Bowl (N. Illinois vs Coastal Carolina) at 6/5 pm.

    There are certainly worse fates that having to play a game in the Bahamas.


  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Thinking about the Senator’s question, I have to say that I wouldn’t be in either circle, because I believe a truly free market knows what is too much. Or, at least it eventually figures it out.

    This is going to be true for either option. I don’t watch all the bowl games, but as long as Mickey makes money having them they will continue; when they quit making enough money they cut back.

    Players opting out may affect the amount of money Mickey can make, but that’s as it should be. If the only reason for them to stay is to make Mickey money, and get a little swag and maybe a trip to Shreveport, I get that may not be enough.

    So, count me out of either category.


  12. A few years ago by interest in random bowls started to wane. As of about 2 years ago, I watch ZERO bowls other than:

    1) A bowl UGA is playing in.

    2) The playoff/title games.

    That’s it.

    I prefer meaningful games, and crap like the Liberty Bowl just doesn’t cut it for me any longer.

    There are far too many amazing entertainment options these days.


    • Also, I have no problem with anyone who skips any bowl game – even playoffs/natty.

      Until they fix the economics of CFB, I do not begrudge players pretty much any choice they make that is in their own best interests. Why shouldn’t they have at least the same decision making options as the coaches, schools, networks, sponsors, etc?