The “they didn’t want to be there” club



Well, it’s bowl season again.

Here are the three fan bases most likely to use that excuse if their teams lose:

3. Auburn

Bowl Game: Birmingham Bowl vs. No. 21 Houston

Auburn fans should care about this bowl and if the Tigers win, they might. Major departures in the transfer portal, coaching staff changes, a heartbreaking loss to rival Alabama and a mediocre 6-6 season is the perfect recipe for fans to say the players didn’t want to be there.

It seems like most Auburn fans are moving on to 2022 instead of focusing on the Birmingham Bowl at the new and beautiful Protective Stadium in Uptown Birmingham. Remember last season when Northwestern piled on against Auburn in the Citrus Bowl?

Houston has the potential to do something similar. Hopefully, the players care to be there, but if Auburn loses, the fan will certainly say they didn’t.

It’s getting to be an Auburn tradition.


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17 responses to “The “they didn’t want to be there” club

  1. ASEF

    SEC Shorts has their “bowl dance” skit. Maybe they need a “break up” skit after the dust settles.

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  2. Maybe a positive side effect of players opting out will be more entertaining bowl games. Seemed to be the case in our game against Cincinnati last year. It seems to help the underdog.


  3. Too bad GA State can’t get another payday rematch with War Tiger this year, I think game 2 would be much easier sledding

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  4. Godawg

    I guess they don’t care for Auburn

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  5. originaluglydawg

    McCreary is one of the best coverage guys I’ve ever seen. He was most of the reason Bama’s offense went away in the Iron Bowl.
    Auburn’s going to miss him against Houston.

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  6. Harold Miller

    Just curious. Who is Auburn’s next Heisman winning quarterback? It’s never too early for that hype train to leave the station.


  7. Whiskey Dawg

    I know I’m a die-hard Dawg fan but I have to admit that new tradition Auburn has looks good on them.


  8. stoopnagle

    They were going to have the hands full with Houston at full strength let alone with opt-outs. Coogs are trending up while Auburn… yeah. Well, I guess it’s good there’s a court-imposed injunction on the vaccine mandate so they at least still have a head coach.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, my Auburn buddy was pissed they got stuck in the Birmingham Bowl. Meanwhile, Houston is getting ready to kick some SEC ass. I don’t think it will be pretty.

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      • PTC DAWG

        AU is damn lucky to be in any BOWL….

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        • Down Island Way

          #AUBURN SUCKS! lives, exists, eats, walks, talks, succles from the very toilet bowl of existence that is the prettiest little cesspool on the plains…#AUBURN SUCKS!…that barner hc sure do miss him some boise blue football turf…


  9. whb209

    Houston should win this game


  10. theoriginalspike

    Whatever happened to Bo Nix in the Portal? LMAO..

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  11. sundiatagaines

    Now there’s this weird dynamic where it could flip. Everybody sees the team who doesn’t want to be there in advance. Houston becomes the favorite and ragtag Auburn becomes the underdog. If Auburn wins, Houston could actually claim their players got complacent. But wait, then it flips again. My head hurts.


  12. Texas Dawg

    I still hold Auburn fully accountable for allowing the self-aggrandizing, egotistical assholes in Orlando to be in the position to falsely claim a NC. You had one job.

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