When one door opens, somebody’s there to kick it closed.

You may have heard that Billy Napier just pried away a key recruiting staffer from UGA.  (She’s someone who worked for Napier at Louisiana before coming to Athens and the move wasn’t a surprise.)  Anyway, I got a kick out of her Twitter announcement, or at least one part of it.

I promise, recruiting time is never out of season!!!”  Nothing like taking a gratuitous shot at the Portal Master™ on your way in the door.  I’d like to think that’s the Dawg in her, because I’m a romantic.


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    I hope the pay raise is worth it.


  2. mg4life0331

    Well it would be too obvious if we sent Muschamp back so we sent her.

    To the depths with their recruiting ability!

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  3. Katie has a nice headshot. 🧐 leaving the door wide open for some of you ne’er-do-wells

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  4. argondawg

    She is now:
    “The assistant athletic director for recruiting strategies”
    I literally got a text from a gator friend last night that said “Napier making moves….”
    I texted back “The gap is closing 😂.” They are Georgia circa 2015 with less talent. Everything is peachy til you get your ass kicked in season one and now have a record you gotta run on. Enjoy the honeymoon UF.

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  5. Biggen

    Would Mullen had been fired if Kirby hadn’t said what he said after the game?

    I know the wheels appeared to be coming off UF. I just can’t help but wonder if they would have given Mullen one more year if the “Mullen is a bad recruiter” mantra hadn’t been turned into frontpage news by the media for several days after the game.


    • ASEF

      Mullen lost his players after the Georgia game, and that had nothing to do with the recruiting stories.

      Mullen and Urban both out of work today. Wonder what that parlay would have been 3 months ago.

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  6. prosticutor

    I read another story this morning that worded it something like “the day after after Napier steals two recruits from Georgia, one of Kirby’s top recruiters is coming to Florida.” I chuckled.


  7. TripleB

    I didn’t know about her until this, but she is dead to me now. I root for no one, except Tom Petty, affiliated with Florida.

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  8. Tony BarnFart

    I had never heard of her until 2 days ago (signing day is like her national championship) but definitely scrolled through a few photos :0

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  9. godawgs1701

    There is no Dawg in her, that’s for sure. It was a job.,


    • Russ

      Well, she’s from Buffalo NY so safe to say it was a job. Obviously she was part of a great recruiting organization here. Can’t say I wish her luck in her new spot, though.

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  10. theoriginalspike

    Wonder how she will look in the jorts and crocs?


  11. Ran A

    What goes un-noticed is the number of changes Georgia continues to go through with their recruiting staff. Every time a Coach has left on good terms or bad, he has taken with him a couple of people off of the recruiting staff. Boss Hawg took a couple of key staffers behind the scenes.

    This young lady was there just long enough to learn the operation; and will no-doubt provide a lot of insight of how to do things going forward.

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  12. W Cobb Dawg

    I guess the money was too good to pass up. But I’m not leaving a secure, long term job in Athens for a 3 or 4 year stint in Hogtown trying to resurrect the program. Even a herculean effort has remote chances of matching Kirby’s recruiting. Not to mention the likelihood of an unceremonious exit with the rest of the staff in 3 or 4 years – after catching a lot of grief from the fans and/or being an escape goat for the HC.


  13. She was only here a couple seasons but it seems she was a really good part of that support and organization that Kirby always refers to and that previous coaches never had. She’s the type that someone like Brian Kelley really needs.

    Personally, I think that support is now as important as the coaches when it comes to recruiting. I imagine it takes real go getters and cold-blooded types. Probably a high turnover rate there.

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  14. She was a part of a crew of 3 or 4 other women and a couple of men who were basically the salespeople/PR but I think their biggest asset is being relatable to young high school kids. I imagine they really take quite a load off the coaches during recruiting.

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  15. practicaldawg

    When talking season is the only winnable season for your program, go all in.

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  16. Russ

    Aaaand I just watched Matt Landers make a juggling finger tip grab for a 90 yard touchdown for Toledo. 🙂

    The football gods are smiling.