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Man with the plan?

That was then.

… Did Alabama unlock the key to breaking down the Bulldogs’ touted defense? Lewis Cine doesn’t necessarily think so.

“I felt like we were doing a whole lot of different things,” Cine said. “We switched up a whole lot of different things for Alabama that we didn’t do the whole season. But we’re going to what we know and what worked for us the whole season and to say I know what’s going to happen in the game, I can’t see in the future. But I do know that we’re really in our comfort zone of doing the things we’ve done the whole season that’s worked for us.”

This is now.

“There is a huge significance in every game. Just making sure that we are clear on that because I know there are people that think the bowl games don’t matter, but they matter,” Smart said. “Certainly, being in the CFP heightens the attention to it. We have a really solid plan.”

And, just remember, campers…

“We have different game plans for each game,” Dean said. “You know, not every game you’re going to play the same. If we came out on top, we probably wouldn’t be saying too much about how we played the game plan so I just feel like we need, if anything, just need to get the game plan and execute it the way we see it. If we execute it, we’ll be good.”



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You can ask…

Woo, boy, in today’s installment of “we know what you are, we’re just haggling over the fee”…


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Battle of the titans

Confession time:  I’m not getting all the angst over this.  If you’re a YouTube TV “member” — WTF is with that anyway, Google?  We’re customers, not club members — just cancel your subscription and take up with another streaming service.  Easy peasy.

If any of y’all out there are contemplating such a move, or have already undertaken one, please share in the comments where you’ve been looking.


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“Overpromising and underdelivering”

Hell hath no fury like a Georgia Tech blogger reviewing Geoff Collins quotes from — just! — the second half of this year.


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