“Overpromising and underdelivering”

Hell hath no fury like a Georgia Tech blogger reviewing Geoff Collins quotes from — just! — the second half of this year.


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  1. “Future NFLer….6 tackles, none for loss.”

    “Invisible sidewalk fans”…now THAT explains a lot about Mark Richt Field!

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    • Faltering Memory

      I feel sure Jahmyr Gibbs didn’t read this article before he withdrew from the portal.


    • chicagodawgfan

      My favorite…

      Geoff Collins on August 31st

      “[Defensive Player A] is just relentless. There are times at practice when I have to tell Coach Coleman to get him out because he is creating so much disruption”

      He had 6 tackles all year, none for a loss.


      • chicagodawgfan

        Followed closely by…

        Geoff Collins on December 15th

        “I’ve been tagged by others as one of the elite defensive coaches in college football.”

        Something has gone very wrong then, as these three years at GT have produced defensive SP+ ranks of 72nd, 58th, and 102nd.


  2. ZeroPOINTzero

    … When you’re down and out
    When you’re on the street
    When evening falls so hard
    Ga Tech blogs will comfort you…

    I’ve noticed a trend in GaTech comments. Someone always references an x girlfriend (typically in a derogatory way insulting her school). Posting that you once had a girlfriend is the ultimate form of bragging for a Tech fan.

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  3. 69Dawg

    Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark. I foresee a new AD and HC at Tech in the near future. I used to like it better when they would just lie about how hard they were academically

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  4. Fuck those motherfuckers. They get precisely what they deserve. Here’s to 10 more years of Coach 404error.

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  5. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Collins is a snake oil salesman. He never would get a quality HC job like a Georgia, LSU, FU or Bama. Nothing he ever did in his career was superior. He inherited a Temple program that was better than where it was when he left. So if you are the decision maker at Georgia Tech why would you ever hire HIM? I have said for years on this blog that Tech’s problems are self inflicted and caused by bad hires, not just in football but in all sports. The only good team at Tech is the golf team and it’s starting to slip). The real problem is at AD. Tech hasn’t had a good AD since Homer Rice the guy who hired Bobby Ross and Bobby Cremins (and the long time golf coach). They had a guy who was potentially a good AD a few years ago but he saw how fucked up the place was and left for Clemson. Until they fix the AD problem with a quality hire they will always field second and third rate teams in every sport. And the answer to the question “Why don’t they just fire Collins now.” They can’t afford it. They have paid so much money to previous basketball HCs they fired that they are broke now and can’t afford Collins’ buyout. So they will suffer through another season like 2021 (they lost their last 2 games of 2021 by a combined sore of 100-0) which diminishes their brand and causes more revenue loss than what they would have paid if they just ripped off the bandaid and fired him now. For people who think they are so smart they actually are incredibly stupid.

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    • Russ

      I think it’s hilarious how they can’t afford to buy out Coach Waffle House when at the same time telling everyone that their graduates are the titans of industry and make $1M salaries right out of school.

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      • Texas Dawg

        They might be, but titans of industry in Mumbai don’t really give a shit about The Waffle House Warriors or Coach 404

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      • Down Island Way

        “when it does, it’s gonna be really good.” These were the direct thoughts from the nerdfootball hc concerning potential dismissal and subsequent buyout for being a crappy head coach…nerd ad knows the hc won’t be cut loose, cause hiring another hc would put nerdfootball so far behind there is no amount of blather or booch talk to save them, a real possibility is they scream “no mas”, close down nerdfootball for a couple of years and come back better than the 404 has ever seen…still miss me some fish fry from time to time…NOT!


  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Hah. Poor little Bugs.

    Not really. Fuck’em!

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  7. ben

    Love seeing the Nerds sharpening their pencils over this.

    But for real, who does Tech hire? Would they go the Urban Meyer route for the thrills?


  8. HirsuteDawg

    They need to find a really good coach and staff with some stability for awhile just to be mediocre. Would take the above plus a recruiting genius to get them competitive. Don’t think coach 404 is a genius and Tech aint going to give them much time to get better – so, same ol’ same ol’


  9. Texas Dawg

    Coach 404’s Waffle House Warriors would get destroyed by most teams at the FCS level, let alone the FBS. Say what you want about Fish Fry, but he understood that Tech had to be the square peg in the round hole to even have a chance. He had a good run but, in the end, it petered out like all gimmicks do. Collins on the other hand is still trying to crawl. A good run does not seem to be anywhere in his future.


  10. PTC DAWG

    It’s Tech, WGAS?


  11. theoriginalspike

    Ha anybody ever seen Collin’s neck?