And just like that…

… the Great Streaming War of 2021 is over.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Disney knew even Google couldn’t absorb the amount of subscribers that would unsubscribe over this, and decided to wait them out.

    Though, I bet even Disney didn’t figure it would only take a couple of days before Google caved.


  2. Illini84

    Well shit, I really don’t like Hulu so I guess I’ll just take the hit and go back.

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  3. PTC still thinks we are all cheap bastards anyway.


  4. Illini84

    And, sort of on topic because I’m watching on youtube TV, Jake is looking pretty good for the Giants!

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  5. Knew it wouldn’t last long. Disney/ESPN doesn’t really need YouTubeTV, but no streaming service that depends on live TV for programming can survive without sports channels, especially in college football bowl season. Look for Google to start to get involved in bidding wars for contracts with conferences and leagues.


  6. practicaldawg

    I wish I could just subscribe directly to Disney’s sports monopoly rather than having to guess which streaming service is most likely to work year to year. Same for the clowns that run Sinclair and their bankrupt MLB RSNs.

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  7. uga97

    The fact they attempted to get away with this & pull the plug on folks, then realize how uncust9mer focused they are means I’ll never subscribe to YouTube. Ever. F’EM.


    • rigger92

      I’m not going back unless I have to. Hulu isn’t as good at presenting live content at YTTV but it opens up a lot of streaming tv series I haven’t been able to watch. I watch football, my son watches F1, these are the only two things watched live in our household. Everything else is streaming shows/movies that interest us.

      It does irritate me that Hulu original content has commercials, Prime does not and neither does showtime or HBO. Paramount+ is also an irritant but I like that Yellowstone show.


  8. Sundar needs to decide if he really wants to be in this space.

    I’m not convinced one way or the other.

    But if he does, they need to start bidding on these licensing deals. Otherwise, Disney is going to keep doing this.

    And to the boomer DirectTV and Xfinity folks: it lasted 1 day, and your turn in the barrel with Disney is coming. The difference is none of us were in a contract.


    • rigger92

      The difference is that, to our credit, jumped to streaming service vs. conventional. Inside of 10 minutes we can change our football viewing but it goes against our upbringing and people like you berate us for being nervous about it. You have no idea what “American on line” was or “Prodigy” was with a 2 color monitor and a Comodore 64. You probably never waited an hour to download data and loaded it on a cassette tape.

      Hell, in 1987 I typed a term paper in my Senior year on a Commodore 64 and picked the “fine” dot print mode and I could only “see” 128 characters during an ice storm in Alpharetta. Soon after I watched a space shuttle explode during a “snow day”.

      You non boomer existence is a cake walk, so fuck you. Born in ‘70 and happy in the country. Take care of you family every day and look past politics.

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    • Biggen

      I’ve had cable my entire life at my home (sans a few years ago I tried PS Vue). I’ve never been contracted at home. Only my business is contracted since they won’t give you internet without a contract.

      I have no inherent problem with streaming if it was as easy as watching cable. That’s my only hang up. Give me channels numbers, a full remote where I can type in number and/or a “guide” and “last channel”, and a service that doesn’t delay the feed 45 seconds+ and I’m all over streaming like flies on poop.


      • Yeah, the UI piece is still glitchy. It’s serviceable once you figure it out, but agreed that it’s not intuitive or efficient.

        Guessing eventually it will all be voice guided and you’ll just tell the remote what to do.

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  9. MudCat's Mechanic

    Was wondering what the fuss was. Saw a few angry posts on the facepage.


  10. Fired up free 7 day Fubo trial. Seemed to have everything but the interface was not as smooth as YTTV. Staying with YTTV for now. In reality, once football is over Disney can suck it. Only draw back would be Thursday and Friday of the Masters.